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Join our virtual Swiss wine tasting on May 27 🍷🇨🇭

Virtual Swiss Wine Tasting VINEA - May 2021

What if you could taste delicious Swiss wines along with live narration - all from the comfort of your home? We have teamed up with VINEA, Switzerland’s wine association, to offer just that: a virtual Swiss wine tasting featuring three iconic wines!

Learn about Swiss wines (and taste them, too!)

We are very excited to have Emeline Zufferey on board as a hostess for our Swiss wine tasting. Emeline is a wine specialist based in Valais who frequently organizes international wine competitions.

During our live session on Thursday, May 27, at 6:30 PM, Emeline will be taking us on a winemaking tour in Switzerland. She will introduce each of the six Swiss wine regions along with their indigenous grapes.

As a food lover, Emeline will also give you tips about food and wine pairing. And finally, you will learn about the difference between biodynamic and traditional wine production.

Then, after topping up your Swiss wine knowledge, time for some practice. VINEA has selected three bottles from the best producers in Switzerland. From white to rosé and red, these vintages are iconic of their region and are ready to be sampled - by you!

What the wine tasting package contains

Our Swiss wine tasting set contains three iconic vintages (7dl/7.5dl per bottle). You may participate in the live tasting session on your own or in a small group with four to six friends. (There is enough wine for several glasses.)

White wine from Zürich
White wine from Zürich

Riesling-Sylvaner, Peter Gehring, 8427 Freienstein

Rosé from Neuchâtel
Rosé from Neuchâtel

Œil-de-Perdrix, Domaine St-Sébaste, 2072 St-Blaise

Red wine from Valais
Red wine from Valais

Cornalin Les Liens, Cave 5ème Saison, 1920 Martigny

Also included in the package:

  • Original VINEA corkscrew
  • Live presentation by Emeline Zufferey, wine specialist, technical director at VINEA, and organizer of international wine competitions
  • 6 VINEA tasting napkins
  • Information about the wine producers (English)
  • Free delivery to your door

Order your wine tasting package for May 27

CHF 89.00 (incl. VAT and shipping within CH)

What we will be covering during the live session on May 27 from 6:30 to 8 PM

Order your package and log onto the live session with Emeline. Yours truly will be there to mingle, too! Together, we will:

  • Gain a general overview of Swiss wine and predominant grape varieties
  • Learn about the six wine regions and their characteristics
  • Get practical advice on how to taste wine (and talk about it)
  • Have a guided tasting of the three wines in the tasting package, incl. food/wine pairing suggestions
  • Have a chance to win a bottle of Domaine St-Pierre from Cave St-Pierre of Chamoson, elected best Swiss wine estate at the Swiss Wine Grand Prix!

Watch this personal message from our host, Emeline Zufferey:

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