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These pictures prove that spring in Ticino is the best

"Gelati", "grotto" and "lago" are just a few Italian buzzwords that those living in Switzerland’s north know by heart.

That’s because ice cream, charming pubs and glittering lakes are exactly what we need during the unpredictable months of spring. During April, the north can easily go through all four seasons within 24 hours. Meanwhile, Ticino in the south is getting most of the sun. Did you know that they grow palm trees in Switzerland? They are in Ticino.

Recently, we have soaked in the best that Ticino has to offer.

Here is the best of Ticino in spring:


Madonna del Sasso is a pilgrimage church high above Locarno. It can be reached by funicular, and the views are absolutely breathtaking...

Madonna del Sasso in Orselina, Switzerland

Ronco sopra Ascona is oozing with charm! Down below in the lake is the tropical Brissago island:

Ronco sopra Ascona in Ticino, Switzerland

To make a point, here is the view we encountered when we first approached this hillside village:

Ronco sopra Ascona in Ticino, Switzerland

The camellia trees love Ticino's southern climate, here in Locarno:

Ticino Palm Trees

And when it comes to "palm trees per capita", Ticino beats them all!

Ticino Palm Trees

Ticino Palm Trees

Ticino Palm Trees

Meet the Mediterranean town of Ascona with its centuries old church tower:

Ascona in Switzerland

We stumbled upon this secret passageway with a million dollar views!

Spring in Ascona, Ticino

The five-star Villa Orselina with its heated outdoor pool is one of our favorite spots to spend a weekend:

The pool at Hotel Villa Orselina in Switzerland

The view from Hotel Villa Orselina in Switzerland

Spring in Ticino is the best! What are you waiting for?

More information about Villa Orselina

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