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Donate Comfort for Iwate, Japan

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Iwate prefecture, Japan, has about 220 km of coast line which was swallowed by the merciless tsunami on March 11th, 2011.

On the news and on YouTube, [highlight]millions of us have virtually witnessed the massive brown vortex[/highlight] gushing onto fisherman towns.

It squashed cars and flipped boats onto their roofs while destroying entire communities.
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Mirai no tomodachi

[/two_third] [two_third last="no"]The catastrophic reports and images from Iwate also reached Mr. Pascal Kaeser, a talented base guitarist living in Bern, Switzerland. His initial shock rapidly grew into alarming anxiety, because sooner or later the media would abandon Iwate and [highlight]we will forget about the victims[/highlight].

To fight against his haunting prophecy, the gifted musician took his pen and wrote the beautiful song “Mirai no tomodachi” ("My dear future friends"). Filled with hope and warmth, [highlight]the song has also encouraged Newly Swissed to be a part of the support[/highlight] for the victims now facing the recovery and are rebuilding their lives.
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Our Project for the People of Iwate

As the first step, [highlight]Newly Swissed would like to collect and send 100 or more Bettflaschen[/highlight], hot water bottles, hoping the warmth consoles body and soul of the victims. 100% of your donations will be used by Newly Swissed to purchase and send the Bettflaschen to the Tono Magokoro Net (Tono City Disaster Relief Volunteers), one of the largest volunteer groups in the region.
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Update - Feb 3, 2012

[highlight]We have just reached our goal of 100 hot water bottles!!! Thanks to everyone who helped to make this dream come true!!!

Stay tuned for more updates...

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The Weather in Iwate

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