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16 April Fools' Jokes from Switzerland

April Fool's! Every year on April 1, journalists have artistic freedom to publish fake stories. Here is our round up of April Fool's jokes from Switzerland.
Rivella milk Advertising Campaign

Everything you need to know about Rivella milk

It is said that you will either love Rivella or hate it. Either way, this soda pop has a long history in Switzerland and is one of the most frequently missed beverages...

Breaking News: Apple Buys Swatch

This just in: In an unprecedented move even to seasoned investors, tech giant Apple buys out Swiss watchmaker Swatch! This announcement has one Goldman Sachs analyst stunned: "The merger of Apple and Swatch came out of nowhere! I mean, how are they even going to combine the ticker symbols, UHR and AAPL?"

Roger Federer replaces Clooney at Nescafé

According to a statement from his agency obtained by Newly Swissed, George…