Modern Swiss Parking Garage by Peter Kunz Architektur

This modern Swiss parking garage is a man's dream

What is so terribly exciting about these Swiss parking garages is their modern, boxy architecture. This project has secretly made me want to own a Porsche...

An Earth-Friendly Swiss Hobbit Home

Recently, I was driving through the countryside near Zürich…
Top 5 Swiss Designers

Top 5 most influential Swiss designers

A lot of Swiss designers have had great careers and were internationally recognized, but only few had a real impact on other designers...
Swiss Alps Residence by FORMZONE

In this Swiss Alps residence, rustic meets modern

Only few houses are inspiring enough for me to contemplate giving up wireless internet. I am not saying that this cozy Alpine cottage should...
The VitraHaus design showroom in Weil am Rhein, Germany

What to expect from the VitraHaus showroom near Basel

Although outside of Switzerland, the VitraHaus deserves a mention on Newly Swissed! This IKEA style showroom for rich people and design lovers is located...

2 Seriously Extreme Swiss Houses

Given the high-priced real estate market in Switzerland, two…
Discovering Zurich West - Im Viadukt

Discovering Zürich West (One Designer Shop at a Time)

This past weekend, we finally decided to leave the familiar parts of Zürich and instead set foot in Zürich West. This previously industrial part...

Photography by Joël Tettamanti

Courtesy of Stadtland Schweiz/City Country Switzerland by photographer…
View from Zürich Uetliberg

4 Best Views From The Roofs of Zürich

By getting myself lost among the snaky streets of Zürich, I have gradually discovered some fantastic places where one can enjoy great panoramic views...