Brienz in Switzerland

9 beautiful Swiss towns to see in your lifetime

Hidden courtyards, gardens with manicured flower beds and confectioneries selling Swiss pastries to write home about. Here are 9 Swiss towns for your bucket...
Hotel Castello del Solein Ascona, Switzerland

From farm to table at the Hotel Castello del Sole in Ascona

There is a place in Switzerland where agriculture, passion and five star luxury intersect: Hotel Castello del Sole in Ascona. During more than one visit to...
Ronco sopra Ascona in Ticino, Switzerland

These pictures prove that spring in Ticino is the best

Gelati, grotto or lago are just a few Italian buzzwords that those living in Switzerland’s north know by heart. Spring in Ticino is simply...
10 Reasons to Love Ticino

Vintage Swiss Travel Pamphlets - Locarno/Ascona

I have a knack for vintage postcards, stamps and brochures. So over the next few weeks, I will be presenting you with a number of vintage Swiss travel pamphlets from my personal collection...
Locarno in springtime

How about these blooming spring impressions from Ticino?

Clear blue skies are above, willow trees are swinging in the breeze, and dozens of stork couples have started building nests. Spring is definitely here in Switzerland...
10 Reasons to Love Ticino

10 reasons to love Ticino in Switzerland's South

When the weather in the North gets unbearable (as in "cold and rainy"), the Swiss will escape to Switzerland's southern canton of Ticino. Here are 10 reasons...