Swiss Wine - Perroy Open Cellar

Time to Explore Swiss Wine - Open Cellars in Vaud

Spring is in the air! Time for a change of scenery and a visit to Vaud. The vineyards in this beautiful area will open their cellars to the crowds...
Chasselas - Vigneron Puidoux - Monsier Monnier

Chasselas Class in the Lavaux Vineyards

On a bright morning high on a hill above Lake Léman, winemaker Bernard Monnier has one eye on the sky and another on the glass of Chasselas in his hand...

Notes on Swiss Wine - Château Maison Blanche, Yvorne

As the morning sun started tenderly caressing the summer green vineyards of Yvorne, I visited its formidable White House – Chateau Maison Blanche. I had to interrupt its vineyard manager, Mr. Jean-Daniel Suardet, from...
Notes on Swiss Wine - Mondial du Chasselas 2012

Notes on Swiss Wine - Mondial du Chasselas

As we walked into the 12th century Chateau d'Aigle with the official tasting glass in the hand, the winners of 625 wine entries were just being announced. Among the ranked dry white wines, I had a chance to taste its category winner:...