Jazznojazz - Shabaka HutchinsLuc Benyon

My personal highlights from Jazznojazz 2019 in Zürich

There is a party atmosphere in Stall 6 on this cold autumn night: the Brand New Heavies are in town for the annual Jazznojazz Festival...
Rhaetische Bahn Moonlight Trainride

5 Romantic Gifts for Valentine’s Day in Switzerland

"Surpise me!" she might say, striking fear into even the most adoring or brave of men's hearts. And even when a man loves a woman, he doesn't always know...
Zurich Tattoo 2013

Zurich Tattoo 2013

A ratatat tat. Then a trombone, a bagpipe, and an assortment of wind instruments resonate across Münsterhof in downtown Zürich. The Zurich Tattoo convention...
Macy Gray - Covered

Eye to Eye with a Blues Legend - B.B. King Live

Nothing thrills me more than having any opportunity to listen to famous Blues players in the right environment. If seeing the 87 year old B.B. King in a small, personal setting before he hangs up his Lucille is on your bucket list, Live at Sunset was absolutely the perfect place to see this blues legend...
Macy Gray - Covered

Live at sunset featuring Solar Powered Stars

There is nothing better than enjoying a summer night with rocking beats from some of the biggest stars! Situated on the property of the posh Dolder Grand hotel on top of Zürich, the Live at sunset openair concerts are not only starstruck, but also solar powered...
Macy Gray - Covered

Macy Gray Concert in Zürich

As part of her latest „Covered“ tour, Macy Gray has made a single stop in Switzerland this summer. She performed live at Kaufleuten in Zürich on July 2, 2012.