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Ravioli di Ricotta à la Pesto Rosso - Bringing Home the Farm with Farmy

With the arrival of a new year comes a chance to reinvent old practices and embrace new traditions. Farmy delivers farm fresh foods all over Switzerland...
Vidis Kochtuete Cooking Kit

Vidi's Kochtüte - Cooking Kits for Newly Swissed

When you come home late from work, it is always good to see a fridge that someone stocked with love and care. Meet cooking kits for three meals a week: Vidis Kochtüte...

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We tried the Edmond Cuisine Italian food subscription

Edmond Cuisine is a new subscription service for authentic Italian food. Everyone can become a chef thanks to their monthly delivery that include recipes...
Hiltl - Meat the Green Vegetarian Cookbook

"Meat the Green" is a vegetarian cookbook by Hiltl

In Switzerland, the term "vegetarian butchery" is no oxymoron. It was only a matter of time until a vegetarian cookbook would follow. In "Meat the Green"...