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V.I.P. Treatment: The Runca Downhill Trail in Flims

The Runca trail is located in the canton of Graubünden in the town of Flims. Like most of the yearly sports activities in this area, Flims doesn’t miss a beat. The Runca is 7.5 km long with 780 m vertical decent ...
Flims - Vintage Tourism Poster

Flims: Where Canada Meets Tibet

More than a hundred years ago, people discovered one of Switzerland’s most beautifully situated towns. Located in the canton of Graubünden, Flims is not your typical mountain village...
Flims POD HotelFlims POD Hotel

The PODhotel in Flims is where we'd want to be snowed in

Is there a better place to get snowed in than these wooden pods in Flims, Switzerland? We think not. Located on the town's campground in Winter Wonderland...