Kung Fu Burger Bern

Hamburgers that Kick Ass at Kung Fu Burger in Bern

To best describe Kung Fu Burger in Bern, let's do a quick thought experiment: Imagine the most recent Chinese restaurant you have visited...
August 1 Swiss National Day - 1. Augustweggli

9 Unmissable Foods for Swiss National Day

The idea of going on a shopping spree to find unmissable foods for the Swiss National Day festivities started with an Instagram post...
Daniel Humm - Eleven Madison Park Swiss Chef

Daniel Humm - How a Swiss Chef is Mesmerizing New York

Eleven Madison Park: Busy New Yorkers proudly shorten the restaurant's name to "EMP". Master chef Daniel Humm is originally from Switzerland...
il TAVOLO 2014 - Gate Gourmet Eröffnungsevent

il TAVOLO Is Zürich's Mouth Watering Food Festival

"Chicken or beef?", a question any frequent traveler can answer while asleep. Exclusively for il TAVOLO, Gate Gourmet turned into a first class kitchen...
Leibacher Bibermanufaktur, Switzerland

Organic Swiss Biber Cakes - Falling in Love with a Kiss of Lemon!

Swiss Biber, or its pocket size Biberli, is a honey gingerbread filled with almond paste. Traditionally baked in hand carved wooden molds...
Jelmoli Food Market Zurich

Jelmoli Food Market - A Culinary Retreat in Zürich

We recently decided to visit the newly renovated Jelmoli Food Market here in Zürich. Eleven specialty vendors run their own stores-within-a-store...