Zurich Tourism Map 2019

A map of Zurich and helpful tips to get around

Reading a map allows one to wander around a city in the mind. For Zurich maps, look no further: here is a downloadable PDF map plus many special maps.

12 Cheerful Maps and Illustrations of Switzerland

Switzerland is inarguably cutesy on many levels. Sometimes, this is less obvious though when the skies are foggy and the pavements grayer than gray. During those times, it helps to look at some cheerful maps and illustrations of Switzerland to remember the cutesy side of this herzige country...

How Switzerland is Seen by Foreigners

Ok, this one was fun: We tried to think of different ways in…

Top 10 Free Switzerland iPhone Apps

Just in time for the gender biased launch of the new iPhone…

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Around Switzerland in 80 Maps - Diccon Bewes

Around Switzerland in 80 Maps (Book)

It took the relentless passion of a naturalized Brit to uncover 80 Swiss maps. Diccon Bewes has now published them in "Around Switzerland in 80 Maps"...