Facts about Swiss Milk

18 Interesting Facts about Swiss Milk

If Switzerland had a national beverage, it would be milk. Swiss milk is so popular that each person drinks an average of 233 glasses of it annually...
Stadtmilch - Swiss Milk Vending Machine

Stadtmilch - Nostalgia turned Milk Vending Machine

We live in times of nostalgia. This is why we support Stadtmilch, a project to bring creamy farm milk back to Zürich...
Stadtmilch - Swiss Milk Vending Machine

As Different as Milk and Shake

As we leave the retro American diner near the river, I reminisce about all the other times I tried to find what I’m looking for. “I just don’t understand,” I tell my husband while finding our way back to the car. “This is the land of milk and chocolate. How could a milkshake go so wrong?”