Saype "Beyond Crisis" Painting in Leysin, Switzerland

About artist Saype who's painting the Swiss landscape

If you were a bird, you'd never miss his art. Saype's larger-than-life paintings are taking the world by storm, and here's a portrait of the artist.
Marie-Heim Vögtlin Weg in Zürich, Switzerland

Marie-Heim Vögtlin is Switzerland's first female doctor

Thanks to Marie-Heim Vögtlin's novel choice to pursue medicine instead of leading a life by the norms, thousands of women are now employed in science...
Zurich Portraits - Alexia at Rote Fabrik

Meet 3 Women of Zürich

I have been traveling from A to Z a lot lately. During my frequent trips from Amsterdam to Zürich, I decided to find some locals who could show me around...

Best of "100 Strangers" Project from Switzerland

100 Strangers is an international project for amateurs and professional photographers. The point is to take pictures of strangers on the street and describe the encounter for an entry on Flickr. So here are some of the best shots tagged with “Switzerland”...