VIVUS Bellerive au Lac Zurich

A Lunch that Means Business at Restaurant VIVUS in Zürich

I am not going to lie, but I usually spend my middays with a boring sandwich or an unspectacular salad. Going to a business lunch in Zürich was a new...
Brunch in Zürich - Quai 61 Restaurant Zurich

Sunday Brunch at Quai 61 in Zürich

The utopic Quai 61 building was constructed on stilts, resembling a luxury ocen liner. It is one of our favorite spots for Sunday brunch in Zürich...
Barbière Bern - Local Craft Beer

Barbière in Bern - The capital of beer lovers

Barbière may be one of the hottest spots in Bern. From morning until late at night, the local brewery and bar is full of people angling for elbow room...
Yooji's Sushi Restaurant in Zurich

Yooji's Sushi Restaurant Hits the Mark

Yooji's is one of my favorite sushi restaurants in Zürich. I stopped by the latest flagship restaurant at Zürich's Bahnhofstrasse to give you the low-down.
5 Ways to Pimp Starbucks - Kopi Luwak

5 ideas how to pimp Starbucks in Switzerland

I've gathered inspiration from coffee shops all over the world. Now back in Switzerland, I'd love to see some ideas come true at my local Starbucks...
CLOUDS Brunch in Zurich

Urban Breakfast in the CLOUDS above Zürich

We have quickly figured out that brunch is a cool and happening thing in Switzerland. Here in Zürich, friends who are too busy to meet...
Quai61 Zürich

These are the top 10 outdoor bars in Zürich

From May onwards, Zürich's numerous outdoor bars are amazing places to have a drink and chill out...
not guilty Restaurant in Zurich

not guilty - Healthy Fast Food in Zürich

Watch out, Golden Arches! Healthy fast food is now available in Zürich… The premise of “not guilty” restaurants is “simply natural food”...
Ristorante Stapferstube da Rizzo Zurich

A fine Italian lunch at Ristorante Stapferstube da Rizzo in Zürich

With a glass of prosecco, I indulged myself with colorful sea fruits of shrimps, calamari, and moules swimming in cherry tomato sauce over handmade...