When Americans Try Rivella

When Americans try Rivella for the first time... (Viral Video)

If Switzerland had a national beverage, it would likely be Rivella. I associate this Swiss soda with mountain restaurants: A cold serving of Rivella is...
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7 Swiss Soda Beverages You Need to Try

When abroad, pretending to be a local by shopping at a grocery store is my favorite thing to do. It is a wonderful way of getting to know the culture and the people...
Rivella milk Advertising Campaign

Everything you need to know about Rivella milk

It is said that you will either love Rivella or hate it. Either way, this soda pop has a long history in Switzerland and is one of the most frequently missed beverages...
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5 Swiss Brands You Should Recognize (And 5 You Don't Need to)

If you want to be smarter than a fifth grader, check out five essential Swiss brands you should recognize. As for the remaining five brands, they're less...

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