New SBB Train FV-Dosto

This is what the future of Swiss train travel looks like

I clearly remember the day in May 1990 when the first ever double deck train was launched in Switzerland. Some 28 years later, SBB is releasing the FV-Dosto...
SBB Green Class - Future of Mobility

I am shaping the future of mobility with SBB Green Class

Modern day mobility as we know it has historic roots. But what if we could hit the RESET button as a progressive society? SBB Green Class does just that...
Châtelard Line - gschieneschweiz

5 jaw-dropping train journeys in Switzerland

Whether you are a resident or a tourist, these five Swiss train journeys require just a Swiss Travel Pass. Hop on and enjoy the ride...
Geneva Cornavin - CFF Business Point

At Geneva's Cornavin Train Station, Business is the Point

The expansion of the Geneva train station is finished. Besides all the shiny new retail temptations, there's a cool tool for business people: Businesspoint.
Upcycled Swiss SBB Cargo Boxes - Made in Zürich

Upcycled Swiss Cargo Boxes Made into Coffee Tables by Gareth Knott

Who has encountered wooden cargo boxes stacked up near a train station? Gareth Knott loves them so much, he has turned them into coffee tables...
Zurich Hauptbahnhof 2014 - Bahnhof Löwenstrasse

Zürich's New Digs - The Durchmesserlinie Tunnel

Slicing a few minutes off a train connection here and there can add up. This June, a new tunnel and an underground station were commissioned in Zürich...
Swiss Touch - SBB Ticket Machine

Finding the Swiss Touch (Sponsored Video)

My computer geek hubby showed me this video of the new Internet Explorer – enhanced for touch screens. This inspired me to capture the Swiss Touch!

Starbucks on Rails

It is no secret that the Swiss love coffee. And with some 5’000 km of rails, Switzerland has one of the most dense public transportation systems in the world. Hence, the collaboration among the Starbucks coffee chain and SBB seems like a match made in heaven...

Lomography Meets Zürich Hauptbahnhof

Whether you get off for work here every day, have ever stopped…