Sentiero Geopaleontologico - Jacques Perler

Mendrisiotto in Ticino: here are all the fun things to do

Mendrisotto and its regional capital, Mendrisio, are worth a visit. From the Sagra del Borgo Grape Festival to scenic hikes and a fossil museum...
Bernina Express - Lago Bianco

Our ultimate guide to the Bernina Express train line

The Bernina Express may well be the best train experience out there. It is definitely one of the most Swiss trains...
Abbey of St. Gall

Here are Switzerland's 12 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

No doubt that a place under the protection of UNESCO must be a cut above the rest. Here are Switzerland’s UNESCO World Heritage sites...
How to get the most out of Bellinzona, Switzerland

Here's some tips to get the most out of Bellinzona in Ticino

Back in Roman times and through the centuries, Bellinzona has served as a gateway city. We routinely stop here when traveling to Ticino, and here are...
Notes on Swiss Wine - Mondial du Chasselas 2012

Notes on Swiss Wine - Mondial du Chasselas

As we walked into the 12th century Chateau d'Aigle with the official tasting glass in the hand, the winners of 625 wine entries were just being announced...

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Swiss Alps Jungfrau-AletschChristian Perret

UNESCO World Heritage Days 2019: Top Events in Switzerland (Sponsored)

Meet Switzerland's natural phenomena and cultural achievements! Spend a weekend among the UNESCO World Natural and Cultural Heritage sites...