Christopher Tiess

Have a peek inside the new a-ja Zürich City Resort

Hands down, Zürich is one of my favorite cities in Switzerland. You'll often hear the Swiss accusing Zürich of being too busy...
Markthalle Im Viadukt Zürich

Zurich's Indoor Market Isn't Perfect (but the Focacce are!)

A mere five minute walk from the Prime Tower in Zurich's trendy fifth district is the covered Im Viadukt market. What is supposed to be a gourmet's dream...
CLOUDS Brunch in Zurich

Urban Breakfast in the CLOUDS above Zürich

We have quickly figured out that brunch is a cool and happening thing in Switzerland. Here in Zürich, friends who are too busy to meet...
Discovering More Zurich West

How to discover more of Zürich West

By now, you will surely have heard the rumors that there is a new hot spot in Zürich! Zürich West is what everyone is talking about...