Newly Swissed Instagram

20 Best Instagram Shots of Summer

Thanks to our Swissness infused photographs, we have quickly built a following on Instagram. For some...
Tales from the Armoire

Tales from the Armoire - A Multi-Part Series on Finding Identity through Family History (Part 4)

I drove down the Avenue d’Aïre on a gray Autumn day. I walked towards the large building which had been a beautiful home many years before and tried to imagine the former splendor of La Châtelaine...
Tales from the Armoire

Q&A with Helene Roth - Founder of Roth Language Atelier

I have been taking German lessons for just over a year now and at the risk of sounding annoying, I am rather pleased with the progress I have made. I asked my instructor to share some of her opinions on teaching High German in Switzerland, where Schwiizertüütsch reigns (about 60% of) the land.