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Unique Wine Tasting Experience at expovina 2012

Expovina Zürich 2012
If you are going to be in Zürich the first two weeks of November, stop by Bürkliplatz and check out the 12 boats lined up at the deck...

Expovina in Zürich 2012Each boat will be beautifully decorated with flags of all the Swiss cantons. Moreover, they will be loaded with precious liquids, bottled from more than 4000 vineyards from all over the world.

180 vendors and 15 days of wine hunting on 12 ships floating on Lake Zurich - It is expovina 2012. All it takes is CHF 20 per day to experience the ultimate wine tasting on those rocking boats! A hoi!

Expovina Zürich 2012

Jeggli Weine since 1989

Among the long established wine sellers on board is Jeggli Weine from Buchs. Mr. Bruno Jeggli, the owner, proudly shared his mission: “As a passionate wine-lover, there is nothing better than discovering new wines and offering them to your customers for a fair price.” Mr. Jeggli predicts the popular wines this year: “Spanish wines from less-known regions have been very successful for the past few years and will probably stay popular for a while.”

Trends in the Wine Market

Jeggli Weine - Bruno JeggliMr. Jeggli describes the trend as “a return to the original values”. He adds that “customers or people who have had wines from all over the world want to return to the authentic wines. This means no fancy foreign wines but honest, independent wines, like the ones we have had in our assortment for many years now."

"One good example is our wine from Casa Castillo from the Siberian East Coast. It is full of flavor, can not only be enjoyed in a few years, but is ready to enjoy and is very well-priced.”

IN VINO VERITAS – In Wine is the Truth

“Wine is and always will be extraordinary,” Mr. Jeggli confirmed. “So much has been written about this myth. No other beverage can bring people together in this way or can create lively, entertaining and intimate moments. Wine is therefore a major part of our culture. We must not forget that it should be enjoyed in moderation!" Santé!

More Information

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