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5 great restaurants for vegan food in Bern

As an engrained Bern girl, I remember those days when Tibits at the main station was one of the only restaurants offering vegan or vegetarian alternatives.

In past years, much has changed and Bern’s culinary landscape, which now embraces those who refrain from eating animal products. Let me take you on a tour of my favorite five places to get amazing vegan dishes in the capital.

I Love Juice is a juice bar - and more

Tina and Tom are the founders of this wonderful little secret in the old town of Bern. I Love Juice not only produces the best organic cold-pressed juices, they also have a selection of home made Bliss Balls, chia pudding, raw zucchini noodles, wraps and salads and other weekly creations made by Tina.

Everything is gluten and lactose-free, made out of the best ingredients that nature gave us. At my first visit, I tried the kale wrap and a flu shot. On my second visit, I indulged on raw zucchini spinach noodles for lunch - and a chocolate smoothie on the side.

The Alfredo sauce was so creamy, it is hard to believe that there is no cheese involved! Ingredients are red bell pepper, sun-dried tomatoes, pine nuts, red lentils, fresh herbs and walnuts.

I Love Juice Bern

My smoothie was a special creation. If you are a super chocolate lover like me, you should give it a go and ask for the “chocolate dream smoothie”. A heavenly mix made of dates, vanilla, cacao and almond milk. As a super food, add maca or extra chocolate nibs.


Gourmanderie Moléson

The main reason why I love Gourmanderie Moléson is that their menu is very rich in variety. From the traditional fondue to the vegan Zucchini Spaghetti with tofu and the low carb alternatives - they have it all.

Gourmanderie Moleson Bern

You might come across the situation that your company is inviting for a traditional Swiss cheese fondue or a piece of meat. Gourmanderie Moléson is definitely your best bet. Although it is a rather noble and pricey place to eat, it is worth every Rappen.

My lunch included a market salad and market fresh vegetables braised in a red hot coconut curry sauce with ginger, lemon grass and lime leaves. The main dish was served with basmati rice.
The curry was very good, although I would have loved a little bit more flavor and power in there. I like the fact that they obtain the tofu from a local vendor in Frutigen.


Crêperie La Chouette

Crêperie La Chouette is such a cute little place, not far from the train station and my work (making it slightly dangerous).

Where to start? I love the atmosphere at Crêperie La Chouette (it is very small, so make sure you make a reservation ahead of time), and I also crave their crêpes. They have three vegan salty versions plus a special on the menu. (I usually take them to go.)

La Chouette Bern

Every crêpe is freshly made, and they are happy to assist you with special needs/diets such as lactose or gluten intolerance. Among the sweet crêpes on the menu, I can recommend the vegan Nutella variety. Yum!

What do you think, which one did I order?

La Chouette Bern

Brasserie Lorraine

Brasserie Lorraine states that they are using mostly organic products, local when possible and sustainably produced. They have a lot of vegetarian dishes, and at least one vegan menu per day. (They are closed Mondays.)

Brasserie Lorraine Bern(Source: Brasserie Lorraine/Facebook)

I enjoyed the day’s vegan lunch menu: My favorite veggie, Swiss chard, with soy "meat", buckwheat and beetroot. This place is perfect for a quick lunch as it is located a nice walk away from the Lorraine "bridge".


Restaurant Bonbec

The cozy Restaurant Bonbec has become my rare jewel in the old town of Bern. It starts with the way to get there, leading you through the cutest, most beautiful little alleys.

Bonbec is perfect for lunch or dinner, but also just to relax, work on your computer or have a coffee with a friend. It does not matter if you are a vegetarian, vegan, lactose-intolerant or allergic: Bonbec will take care of you with their delicious, organic meals and sweets that are prepared ingeniously.

Everything I tasted from the menu so far was prepared on the spot - and it was absolutely delish!

Restaurant Bonbec

We started with refreshing detox water. I decided to try a warm, thin, Indian flat bread with dal filling, salad, tomatoes and plant-based cream, served with basmati rice. The combination was flawless. Not too hot, but with a decent amount of Indian spices and herbs. Five stars, nothing to add.

Restaurant Bonbec

For dessert, I had a vegan banana cake, which was almost as good as my homemade one. (Almost.) If you love crème, you should definitively not miss out on the mango/raspberry crême with organic dark chocolate.

Finally, do not forget to order the matcha latte with oat milk, one of the specialties exclusive to the Bonbec!

I really hope you enjoyed this selection of places I showed you, and I hope that you contact me once you are in Bern. I am happy to join you to any of these vegan restaurants in Bern!

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