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Here’s what Zürich looks like with Christmas decorations

Zürich Paradeplatz - Christmas Decorations

For once, Paradeplatz in Zürich is not only sparkling golden underneath the pavement. During the festive season, this banking epicenter is decked with a giant Christmas tree, colorfully lit buildings and glittering lights.

We start our evening stroll on this plaza where several tram lines converge. But we will not be using any public transportation tonight as we want to experience the Zürich Christmas decorations firsthand.

Zürich Paradeplatz - Christmas Decorations

The Christmas tree in front of the Credit Suisse building is stealing the show. It is gigantic, and pedestrians use it as a favorite selfie spot.

Zürich Paradeplatz - Christmas Decorations

We veer into the quieter Old Town. Off the bustling Bahnhofstrasse shopping mile, this part of Zürich is where we feel the Christmas spirit the most.

Shop windows are decked, such as this one of the "teuscher" chocolate boutique:

Zürich Old Town - Chocolate Store

After eating all that chocolate, one better get ready for winter sports, right?

Zürich Old Town - Sports Store

And who said toys are only for kids? We loved the selection at Pastorini, one of Zürich's most established toy stores:

Zürich Old Town - Pastorini Toy Store
Zürich Old Town - Pastorini Toy Store

Lights have been strung across the cobblestone alleys of Zürich's old town.

Zürich Old Town - Christmas Decorations

Rennweg is one our favorite streets in all of Zürich when it comes to Christmas decorations: Since it slopes uphill slightly, the lights can be seen from all vantage points.

Whether from the upper end of the street...

Zurich Rennweg - Christmas Decoration

Or from the lower entrance!

Zurich Rennweg - Christmas Decoration

A vintage public transportation bus serves as a wrapping station. Shoppers can deposit their bags full of gifts here, or drop off their purchases to be wrapped.

Bahnhofstrasse Zurich - Christmas Decoration

From afar, we hear children's voices singing Christmas songs.

The "Singing Christmas Tree" across Pestalozziplatz has become a "must see" spot as of late, and we know the reason why: It is very charming to listen to this enormous Christmas tree decked with joyful kids - even though their singing might be a tune (or two) off...

Zürich - Singing Christmas Tree

The Christmas market offers foods for every taste: From smelly raclette cheese to brats and garlic bread. And of course: Glühwein! Mulled wine is a Christmas staple around here...

Zürich - Singing Christmas Tree

Back on Bahnhofstrasse, we soak in the famous decorations once again. Made up of 23'100 LED lights, "LUCY" stretches along a distance of 1 km. Can you even imagine how sparkling bright this is?

Bahnhofstrasse Zurich - Christmas Decoration

We are heading home after our stroll concludes at the main station. So if you happen to be near Zürich in December, make sure to put on your winter boots and check out the beautiful decorations all around town...

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Dimitri Burkhard

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