Maison du Prussien in Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Six courses of surprises at Maison du Prussien in Neuchâtel

If the food is half as good as the spirits, the Beau Rivage in Neuchâtel is an excellent place to dine. But I have a reservation at La Maison du Prussien...
Blausee Switzerland

Psst! Here are some lesser known places in Switzerland...

Geneva, Interlaken, Montreux and Zermatt: No doubt they are among Switzerland's tourism hot spots. But there are countless places off the beaten track...
Dolder Ice Skating Rink

A listing of ice skating rinks in and around Zürich

The last time Lake Zürich was frozen over was in February of 1963. But it doesn't take such a monumental event in order to ice skate in Zürich...

We cherry picked the best activites for our Zug getaway

Zug is a small capital city nestled in between Lucerne and Zürich. It once had more than 40'000 cherry trees, but the "kirsch" tradition is still...
Quiz Set 1 - Matthias Neuhaus, Switzerland

Switzerland vs. Kazakhstan (they're actually quite alike)

5365 kilometers. That's the distance between Switzerland and my beautiful hometown of Almaty in Kazakhstan. And if you were to compare...
Turicum Gin Lab Zürich

I mixed my own gin at the Turicum Gin Lab in Zürich

Switzerland, like much of the world, is caught in a gin craze. Hipster nonsense, you think? I beg to differ. At the Turicum Gin Lab in Zürich, I learned...
Swiss Restaurant Mark - Sternen

Why are so many Swiss restaurants called "Sternen"?

Sure, restaurant signs are a common thing around the world. But the historical background of such signs is slightly different here in Switzerland...
Muse Lin - Aquspi Creation

Muse Lin on what it's like to be a maker in Switzerland

Upon arriving in Basel, Muse wanted to find just the right idea for a Swiss souvenir that would catch on. Today, she is the proud owner of...
Swiss Air Lines Roundabout Kloten

Here are 25 unmistakable signs that you are turning Swiss

Some come to Switzerland for an au pair year. Others have an expat contract for several years. Whatever the duration, everyone has a breaking point...