Festival da Jazz - Muottas Muragl

4 reasons to put the Festival da Jazz on your schedule

The first things that comes to mind when hearing St. Moritz are high society events and expensive hotels. But the hidden gem is the Festival da Jazz...
Swiss Passport

This Swiss citizenship interview is questionable, no? (Editorial)

Recently, the case of a 25 year old has surfaced in the media. Despite having spent her entire life in Switzerland, having attended the Swiss...
Swiss National Jodlerfest 2017

We heard a lot of yodeling at the Swiss National Jodlerfest

The European Song Contest takes place every year, the Olympics and the World Cup every four years. But for some reason, the Swiss like to celebrate events every three...
Montreux Jazz Festival 2017

Why I am feeling all good vibes at the Montreux Jazz Festival

Whoever maintains a critique of Switzerland as a conventional closed community has never met the organizers of the 51st Montreux Jazz Festival...
Kino Cameo in Winterthur

Kino Cameo is a theater in the hippest part of Winterthur

When I moved to Switzerland, one of the biggest shocks I experienced was the fact that films at cinemas are dubbed in German. At Kino Cameo in Winterthur...
Running in Zürich

Runners in Zürich have plenty of options, including these marathons

Running in Zürich in spring is a real treat. The air is crisp and starting to get warm and comfortable. The Zurich Marathon is a favorite event for...
Anina Mutter - Sustainable Style Warrior

We talked to Anina Mutter, the original sustainable style warrior

To say Anina Mutter is a multifaceted woman would be an understatement. As a self proclaimed sustainable style warrior...
How to mildly annoy Swiss German friends

Here's how to mildly annoy your Swiss German friends

Swiss people are the main reason why I love living on Roger Federer's turf. I'm fond of how they take pride in their slow decision making process...
FLYERBEE - Posters in Zurich

FLYERBEE to strengthen the democracy of poster advertising

Where do most people get their information about cultural events? Posters act as the banner ads of the physical world, and Zürich based FLYERBEE...