Valentine's Day

Are you single? Here are alternative Valentine’s Day activities in Zürich.

If your love life could inspire Adele to write two albums, you are probably as excited as I am about Valentine’s Day. Here are some alternative ideas...
Typical Swiss Apartment

The Swiss don't talk about their salary (but they do talk about money)

Did you know that a cup of coffee is 20 cents cheaper at Café Müller compared to Café Meier? What sounds absurd is a regular conversation topic...
Luzerner Fasnacht - Yodel Group

A Primer for the Luzerner Fasnacht Carnival

Not many people have heard of Swiss carnival, or what is locally known as Fasnacht. I was only familiar with the Mardi Gras, but Luzerner Fasnacht...
Obersee - Copyright EHC Arosa

These Swiss lakes have a good chance of freezing over

There is never a guarantee that Switzerland's lakes freeze over. Because for a perfect surface of black ice, several environmental factors need to align...
Swiss Samichlaus and Schmutzli

These Swiss Christmas traditions surprised me

I grew up in a religious home with the original story of Christmas. When I moved halfway across the world, I realized that Swiss Christmas traditions are...
Wool Selection in Switzerland

18 things that the Swiss take for granted

Switzerland has a top-notch transportation system, an immaculate nature and a social welfare system. I've observed that many Swiss take these for granted...
2016 Swiss Gift Guide

The Ultimate Swiss Holiday Gift Guide

Christmas is just around the corner and you might be struggling to think of gifts for your friends and loved ones. Here are some unique Swiss gift ideas...
Gottardo Rail Tunnel

We wandered around the world's longest rail tunnel - at 31 degrees Celsius

Shortly before the opening of Switzerland’s 57 kilometer rail tunnel, we have officially become pioneers. The Gottardino limited train took us inside...
Zürich West Wall Art

18 Fresh Photographs from Zürich's Urban Westside

There was a time when Zürich city limits were defined by the lake, the rivers and the surrounding hills. Much has changed since then...