How to mildly annoy Swiss German friends

Here's how to mildly annoy your Swiss German friends

Swiss people are the main reason why I love living on Roger Federer's turf. I'm fond of how they take pride in their slow decision making process...
FLYERBEE - Posters in Zurich

FLYERBEE to strengthen the democracy of poster advertising

Where do most people get their information about cultural events? Posters act as the banner ads of the physical world, and Zürich based FLYERBEE...
Four books about Switzerland to read

Four books about Switzerland you need to read right now

As a writer, I like to read books about Switzerland since I write about the country. Below are several books to consider reading...
How to blend in with the Swiss

How to blend in with the Swiss? Take our community's advice.

We have asked our readers what they think it takes to be like the Swiss, and the feedback was superb! Here is a collection of the most valuable advice...
Schlossfestspiele Hagenwil

Why we will return to the annual theater festival at Hagenwil Castle

When I first heard about Schlossfestspiele Hagenwil, I was sure it's an event for the kids. (I was wrong.) The most interesting theatrical...
More Swiss than I thought

Oh boy! I am more Swiss than I thought...

I recently spent the holidays back home in Canada. It is always nice to find myself back in Hockey Land. But to my surprise, I have turned more Swiss...
Happy Swiss Dog

7 Practical tips for living with a dog in Switzerland

Living with a dog is supposed to be fun, but there are many laws when it comes to keeping a dog in Switzerland. Here are some practical tips...
Valentine's Day

Are you single? Here are alternative Valentine’s Day activities in Zürich.

If your love life could inspire Adele to write two albums, you are probably as excited as I am about Valentine’s Day. Here are some alternative ideas...
Typical Swiss Apartment

The Swiss don't talk about their salary (but they do talk about money)

Did you know that a cup of coffee is 20 cents cheaper at Café Müller compared to Café Meier? What sounds absurd is a regular conversation topic...