Winter Hikes with Kids - Tips and Tricks

Here are our tips for the perfect winter hike with kids

Do you consider yourself a Grinch when it comes to Swiss winters? Our recommendations are for families with kids who are not used to visiting the mountains.
ViaGottardo Hiking Trail

Did you know there's a trail connecting Basel and Chiasso? It's called ViaGottardo.

The history of the ViaGottardo trail dates back to the 13th century. The trail crosses Switzerland...

We hiked to the Trift suspension bridge (then crossed it!)

100 meters above the valley floor, 170 meters in length: These are the mind-boggling stats of the Trift suspension bridge near the Grimsel Pass...
Unspunnen Castle

The historic Castle Trail near Interlaken is not for the faint-hearted

Starting in Wilderswil, the Castle Trail takes you back to the days when knights rode in the woods, and Switzerland was a very different place...
Hiking in Braunwald Gumen. Switzerland

This Alpine Restaurant is 100% Swissness Overload

What if you were asked to name the very essence that makes something Swiss? On a recent hike in Braunwald, I saw this quintessentially Swiss...
Hiking in Braunwald Gumen. Switzerland

This panoramic hike in Braunwald offers killer views

Over millions of years, the collision of the African and European plates has formed the Alps. So much for the theory. This panoramic hike in Braunwald...
Wine Hike Weinfelden

I've hiked the Wine Trail in Weinfelden (and I loved it)

I continue to be inspired and amused by Switzerland. My latest find is the Wine Trail in Weinfelden. This new hiking trail in the canton of Thurgau...

Portfolio Items

Schweizer Wunder - Thomas Widmer

Schweizer Wunder - Excursions to Curious Places (Book)

An underground lake or a cannonball from 1799. Switzerland's most famous hiker has now published more than 180 curiosities in "Schweizer Wunder"...
Wander ABC (AS Verlag)

Wander ABC Schweiz (Book)

Hiking is a guaranteed mood booster. And Switzerland with its thousands of trails is the perfect place to try it out...