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How to Hike to the Trift Suspension Bridge

Key Takeaways:

🥾 Towering 100 meters above the valley floor and spanning 170 meters in length, the Trift Suspension Bridge is the Alps' longest and tallest such bridge.

🥾 The 2-hour, 40-minute roundtrip hike to the Trift Suspension Bridge connects the past and present. The cable car was once used for transporting maintenance workers but now caters to adventurous hikers.

Imagine standing 100 meters above the valley floor, gazing across a 170-meter-long marvel - the Trift Suspension Bridge. Nestled near the Grimsel Pass, this astonishing footbridge attracts adventurers worldwide.

Including yours truly! Rewind 140 years, and the advent of the railroad brought the first tourists to Switzerland's mountainous terrains. Innovative engineers responded by constructing cogwheel trains to cater to the burgeoning demand for sightseeing and recreation.

Notably, the world's inaugural cable car took shape at Giessbachfälle, a mere stone's throw from the Grimsel area.

Hiking to the Trift Suspension Bridge

Decades after those pioneering tourists arrived, we embarked on a captivating journey to the Trift Suspension Bridge in the rugged Grimsel region. This expedition beautifully exemplifies the convergence of tourism and commerce.

Primarily serving a commercial purpose by transporting maintenance workers for the power plant, the Trift cable car now tirelessly shuttles hikers from the postal car stop to the trailhead.

While some queue for the cable car, others amongst us embrace the mountain's challenge, one step at a time. Ultimately, we all meet at the trailhead, some unpacking their snacks and others recounting tales of an adventurous ride.

The round-trip hike from the trailhead to the suspension bridge traces the right side of this narrow valley. The terrain, rugged and mountainous, guides us through rocky fields, across bridges, and mesmerizing vantage points.

As we approach the "main event" – the bridge itself – nearly two hours have elapsed, and it's time for a well-deserved picnic lunch. This hike is no stroll in the park, but it's certainly an achievable feat.

The Alps' longest and tallest suspension bridge

Situated amidst this dramatic landscape of steep cliffs, deep valley floors, and challenging terrain, the Trift Suspension Bridge emerges as a spectacular wonder.

Every adventurer must face and traverse the bridge – there are no exceptions. Interestingly, those who initially hesitated found immense elation in conquering their doubts.

But here's the twist: To continue our hike, we must cross back over the Trift Suspension Bridge to where we began.

For those with an extra burst of energy and 30 minutes to spare, ascending to the Windegg Hut is tempting. This SAC lodge offers breathtaking panoramic views and serves as a launchpad for longer treks, including the scenic Furtwangsattel route to the town of Guttannen.

As we descend, our choice to forgo the aerial cable car is evident – a queue has formed. Instead, we opt to hike back to the Postbus stop at "Nessental, Triftbahn."

More information about the Trift Bridge Hike

  • Secure cable car tickets in advance (24 francs roundtrip per adult, pick up in Gadmen 15 minutes before the scheduled time).
  • Find comprehensive hiking information on the Grimselwelt Tourism website.
  • Plan your journey to this thrilling adventure using

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