Sechselaeuten Zurich Children's Parade

Sechseläuten Parade (Zürich)

Sechseläuten is a quintessential Zürich experience which should not be missed. To outsiders, it is best described as a kind of Groundhog Day with camels...
GINMAKU Japanese FIlm Festival 2017

GINMAKU Japanese Film Festival (Zürich)

For the third time, the GINMAKU Japanese Film Festival is bringing a dozen Japanese films to Zürich. We were part of the initial festival...
Dinner for One - Sobre Mesa

LIBERTINE KITCHEN: Patch Food (Zürich)

The third edition of Libertine Kitchen is coming up shortly. Sobre Mesa in Zürich is collaborating with chef Margaretha Jüngling this time...
Béjart Ballet Lausanne 2017

Béjart Ballet Lausanne - Tombées de la dernière pluie (Zürich)

Anyone who has seen a performance by Béjart Ballet would agree that they know how to move an audience. 2017 will be a special year for the Swiss ballet...
Zurich Writers Workshop 2015

Zurich Writers Workshop 2017

Turn a dream of becoming a writer into reality by attending the Zurich Writers Workshop. During this May weekend, you will be able to learn...
Blue Man Group Zurich

BLUE MAN GROUP is bringing new acts to Zürich

BLUE MAN GROUP is as colorful as life itself! This visually stunning show full of comedy, lights and action is bringing all new acts to Zürich in October...
Cirque du Soleil OVO in Switzerland

Cirque du Soleil's "OVO" is coming to Zürich in 2017

After a successful tour in North America, Cirque du Soleil is bringing "OVO" across the Atlantic. First stop: Switzerland. Dive into the fascinating...
WICKED Musical

WICKED Musical (Zürich)

If the Wizard of Oz was the tale of our childhood, WICKED is the musical for our adulthood. Inspired by the age-old tale we all know, the WICKED musical...