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Did you know that there’s a Chinese Garden in Zürich?

Chinese Garden in Zürich

You would not expect an expansive Chinese garden in a small country like Switzerland.

However, crouching behind a massive wall in the Seefeld neighborhood is a hidden gem that should be on anyone's list of Zürich sightseeing spots! Touted as one of the highest ranking temple gardens of its kind outside of China, it was a gift by the Chinese sister city, Kunming. In the 1990's, Kunming had benefited from Swiss engineering when it came to constructing a new water and sewage system.

The Chinese garden of Zürich is astonishingly large, its natural features are beautifully manicured and the temple walls feature vibrant colors. A central pond is surrounded by three types of trees, several pavilions and an artificial mountain. A pamphlet available at the entrance explains that this garden was built as a show of gratitude by Zürich's partner city in China, which had benefited from Swiss engineering in constructing their water and sewage systems.

How to interpret the China Garten in Zürich:

The spacial layout of the Chinese garden is based on three important pillars, namely the placement of objects, the blueprint of walls and buildings, and the flow of movement throughout. It is no mistake the temple garden was placed where it is today.

According to principles of geomancy, the location between the lake and the mountain is ideal. So when you go and visit the Chinese garden in Zürich, try to realize the harmony that lies within. The Chinese Garden of Zürich is open daily from 11 AM to 7 PM (March - October).

Chinese Garden in Zürich

Just outside the China Garden is a beautiful lakeside setting:

Zürich Lakeside at Tiefenbrunnen
(Photographs copyright Cloudia Chen)

Bellerivestrasse 138
8008 Zürich

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