photo17 - Helmut Karl Lackner

20 typical things about everyday life in the Swiss Army

Rain or shine, a majority of Swiss men are out there at any given time, diligently carrying out their military service duties. The Swiss Army is...
Winter Walks with Children in Switzerland

Here are our tips for the perfect winter hike with kids

Do you consider yourself a Grinch when it comes to Swiss winters? Our winter hike recommendations are for families who are not used to the mountains.
Grain Zürich

Zürich’s beer scene welcomes a new player: Grain

Zürich’s beer scene welcomes a new player: Grain. Over the past few years, the beer scene in Zürich has started to develop - though it is far from mature...
photo17 - Helmut Karl Lackner

Add these winter activities to your Swiss bucket list

Switzerland has not always carried the reputation of being a playground for winter sports enthusiasts. But today, there are a number of winter activities...
Romansh RhB Train

The seven flavors of the Romansh language

Graubünden happens to be the only officially sanctioned, trilingual state in which the Romansh language holds the official status. You would think that...
photo17 - Helmut Karl Lackner

44 Minutes with Swiss Photographer Nico Schaerer

Nico Schaerer is a Zürich based photographer who has traveled the world. He has defined a unique approach to the beautiful art of photography...
photo17 - Helmut Karl Lackner

This first-time visitor to Gruyères captured the most stunning photographs

I have followed Andrea Monica Hug ever since our interview. Recently, this talented young photographer took her camera to the charming town of Gruyères...
Caran d'Ache Color Pens

These Swiss brands are worthy of the label "Made in Switzerland"

Swiss producers now have to work a little harder to keep the designation "Made in Switzerland". Here are some typical Swiss brands that are worthy...
photo17 - Helmut Karl Lackner

Inside photo17, Switzerland's largest photography exhibit

What happens when you ask 150 photographers in Switzerland to show their favorite works of the past year? Something like photo17 is what happens...