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4 reasons to visit Seenachtsfest in Rapperswil

Seenachtsfest RapperswilSeenachtsfest RapperswilOnce every four years, the city commonly known as the "Rose Capital" opens up to pedestrians by closing off all car traffic. It is the weekend of Seenachtsfest, the traditional city festival of Rapperswil.

From Friday through Sunday, August 9 to 11, booths with curious merchandise, delicious foods and entertaining attractions will line the charming medieval streets of Rapperswil.

Concert stages take over the otherwise busy intersections. And the sky will be decorated with Swiss airplanes and colorful firework displays.

Here are four compelling reasons why you should visit the Seenachtsfest in Rapperswil this weekend:

1. Exhilarating Air Shows by Patrouille Suisse

Seenachtsfest Rapperswil - Patrouille SuisseFriday and Saturday nights at 6:30 PM, the world renowned Patrouille Suisse acrobatic jets will be stealing the show!

From a prior event I can attest that it is an exhilarating experience to stand on the dam and see this group of airplanes approach at mind-boggling speeds...

2. Concerts, concerts, concerts...

Seenachtsfest RapperswilThis year's concert line-up is impressive with Swiss stars like Pegasus, Anna Rossinelli, Baschi, Seven and Marc Sway.

The Radio Zürisee stage will be located at Fischmarktplatz, the main court near the station. All concerts are included in the ticket price, which makes this festival pass an even better deal!

3. Switzerland's Biggest Laser Show

The highlight on Friday night, August 9, will be a gigantic laser show like you have never seen it before! Starting at 10 PM, the sky above Rapperswil's harbor area will be lit with colorful laser beams, underlined by a firework display and a soundtrack.

In order to enhance the 3D effects of the laser show, no less than twenty fog machines will fill the harbor with microscopic water particles! This show will be a first for Rapperswil, so it is not to be missed!

Seenachtsfest Rapperswil

4. Lakeside Fireworks Display

The culmination of Saturday's festivities will be a gigantic firework display above Rapperswil's harbor. Few people know that there will be a special ZSG boat leaving from Zürich Bürkliplatz right in time for the fireworks in Rapperswil! Without stopping, the boat will conveniently head back to Zürich after the show.

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