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A Lesson in Family Politics

On Sunday, June 17, 2012, the electorate of the Canton of Geneva will cast its vote on a thorny issue concerning all families with young children: The initiative 143 "Pour une véritable politique d'accueil de la Petite enfance".

Geneva Micki Blog, May 2012Family life in Geneva is blighted by a chronic shortage of nursery places, which affects not only expats but Swiss people, too. According to a survey conducted by Swiss magazine "Femina",  66.2% of Swiss Romands believe there are not enough nursery places for their children, and 51% of them have never been able to secure a place.

Swiss parents are currently fighting for more nursery places and - as an expat mum-of-three - I have to admit I would love to high-five all the Swiss voters currently campaigning on the streets of the city.

The cantonal referendum, which will settle the matter of granting nursery places to all residents in the Canton of Geneva, has been called for June 17 but, unfortunately, since expats within the Canton of Geneva are only allowed to vote in communal elections if they have lived here legally for a minimum of 8 years, high-fiving is indeed all I can do at the moment.

During the four years I have spent here as an expat, I have grown to love and admire the fierce, take-no-prisoners approach that the Swiss apply to their national political debates. In a world that's spiraling into PC overdrive, I love the fact that you can always rely on a Swiss to give it to you straight.

After all, the Emperor's not always wearing his best clothes, is he?

Here are some photos of the political posters about this referendum that are currently adorning the streets of Geneva. My personal favorite is the first one, which roughly translates as "Make Love, Leave the Rest to Us".

Happy voting!

Geneva Micki Blog, May 2012


Geneva Micki Blog, May 2012



Always on the look-out for the best family-friendly activities and restaurants, Michela is a freelance writer and expat blogger based in Geneva. Her heart belongs to art, design, food and travel and is wrapped around the sticky little fingers of three tiny munchkins.

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