A Primer on shared laundry rooms in Switzerland

Swiss Shared Laundry Room System

With such high quality of life standard in Switzerland, you might be shocked to find out that in a large majority of apartment buildings, you have to share a laundry room with your neighbors.

In many countries, you might not have your own laundry machine, but at least there are plenty of 24/7 laundromats that allow for doing laundry whenever you desire.

The unique thing about Switzerland is that there is a stringent system for even this menial task. If you are a renter in a pre-millennial apartment complex, you are likely not to have your own laundry machine.

Swiss Shared Laundry Room System

Thus, you have to conform with the system and sign up for a certain date and hour of day to do your laundry.

Can you imagine how inconvenient it might be to be left with Tuesday mornings from 10 AM until noon? It all depends on your landlord, but most places will only allow you to do laundry once per week (I have even heard stories of only twice per month)...

Swiss Shared Laundry Room System

My point is:

1. Washing your clothes in the same laundry machine as your long-haired neighbor is not fun.
2. To follow such a tight schedule can be a pain, especially for those who work, are into sports, or have kids (or all of these!)

Interestingly, enough renters seem to feel the same because there is a niche market for tiny, portable laundry machines in Switzerland! Advertised as "minimum size, maximum throughput" or "fits anywhere", these Port-O-Laundro's will easily fit underneath your bathroom sink...

Swiss Shared Laundry Room System

Just so we are clear though, this perceived, new-found freedom should not be abused with late night laundry parties, as most apartments have (surprise!) strict noise policies...

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