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Best Crop Circles in Switzerland

It has always escaped me why aliens would exclusively use corn and wheat fields for their extraterrestrial art. Plus, why do they only work during the warm summer months? As far as I'm concerned, crop circles are one phenomenon which I simply don't buy.

Swiss Crop Circles Deconstructed

Now, one Swiss engineer thinks he has cracked the code behind crop circles. His deconstruction of one masterpiece reveals an intricate (but not impossible to construct) number of circles. Mr. Abegglen believes that at least four humans with foot-mountable boards, several ropes and quite a lot of Swiss precision were required to create this crop circle. Since the centers of two circles coincide with a tractor track, accessing the field was an easy task.

Recent news reports of a new crop circle in eastern Switzerland have inspired me to dig into the archives and share my personal list of the "best" crop circles in Switzerland!

Unterehrendingen (AG), July 9, 2002

Swiss Crop Circle - Unterehrendingen 2002(Copyright Gaetan Bally/Keystone)

Wetzikon (TG), 2005

Swiss Crop Circle - Wetzikon 2005(Copyright Simon Keller)

Corcelles-pres-Payerne (VD), July 2, 2007

Swiss Crop Circle - Payerne 2007(Copyright Keystone)

Diessenhofen (TG), 2008

Swiss Crop Circle - Diessenhofen 2008(Copyright Markus Baumann)

Hörhausen (TG), 2009

Swiss Crop Circle - Hoerhausen 2009(Copyright Beni Sidler)

Hochfelden (ZH), July 8, 2010

Swiss Crop Circle - Hochfelden 2010(Copyright Christoph Schmäh

Löhningen (SH), July 12, 2012

Swiss Crop Circle - Loehningen 2012(Copyright Kecko/Flickr)

What's your take on the crop circle phenomenon? Do you buy it?

Dimitri Burkhard

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  • Thank you for the interesting article.

    In my opinion there are definitely a lot of crop circles made by humans. Yet I believe that some of them have another creator.

    For example the one from “Corcelles-pres-Payerne” could be from abroad guests as well as the one from “Hochfelden.” The other ones look simple enough to be made by humans (expect “Diesenhoffen”, this one at least needs Swiss precision).

  • well, believe or not, our cousins from Orion want to teach and warn us about our solar system and how the universe is structured since hundreds years now.
    the problem is our power (if they are humans) prefer to play with fake money and keep us stupid and use petrol for ever….

Dimitri Burkhard

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