11 Examples of Funny Signage in Switzerland

The Swiss government has recently decided to retire several street signs. But apparently, they have retired the wrong signs as there are still many strange ones out there... Here are eleven of our favorite examples of funny signage in Switzerland!

Bicycle in all directions...

Bicycle Directions - Copyright by schoschi



Last Sex Shop before the Jungfrau, Interlaken, Switzerland


One way street

One Way Street - Copyright by loslachen.ch


Construction site FAIL

Swiss Construction Site Fail


No heels allowed...

Schilthorn - No Heels Allowed


But hiking boots are required!

Hiking Boots Required


Either way, naked hiking is prohibited!

Naked Hiking Prohibited in Appenzell


No smoking, but skies allowed on trains!

Train Signage in Switzerland


It's verboten to saw off your tram seat!

Switzerland Tram Signage


Nobody wants to live here!

Bad Egg, Switzerland


God's parking lot?

God's Parking Lot in Berguen - Copyright by PhilipFr


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(Photos courtesy by Flickr, loslachen.ch, Fredi Gyger)

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  • Touristic entertainment – funny memories 😀
    I love to take photos of funny signs too – so let them be, the next photographer will enjoy it !

  • Hi Musekyto! Have you found any other strange signs in Switzerland? I would love to feature them for our readers 😉

  • Tina

    Love that God sign – friends always get a kick out if when we’re in the area (near Bergun, GR for anyone interested)

  • Hey, really great collection of funny signs! Love ’em! If I see some funny ones out there in the country, I’ll take photos for you!

  • Martin

    Hey Dmitri, just discovered this website! Good work! Love it.

    • Hey Martin, so glad you love it! Thanks for the feedback 😉

  • Nikki

    Hey Dmitri,

    Jst chanced upon dis website. A gud effort to make us smile for d day thru. I lived in Swiss too for a little over a Year. U shall find some funny signs near Frieburg & Newchatel. If I can find d pics, will share dem wid u.

    Thank u for sharing yr smiles!!

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  • Haniya Ahmad

    I love to take photos of funny signs too 🙂 good
    morning quotes

  • Andreas

    Very nice! I found this one on the Bachtel (Züri Oberland):
    Standing on a hill top, it does not only offer the same directions in any direction, note also the small additional pointer pointing to additional directions 🙂

    • newlyswissed

      This is hilarious! Thanks for sharing 🙂 ^Dimitri