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11 examples of funny signage in Switzerland

The Swiss government has recently decided to retire several street signs. But apparently, they have retired the wrong signs as there are still many strange ones out there... Here are eleven of our favorite examples of funny signage in Switzerland!

Bicycle in all directions...

Bicycle Directions - Copyright by schoschi(Photograph copyright schoschie/Flickr)



Last Sex Shop before the Jungfrau, Interlaken, Switzerland


One way street

One Way Street - Copyright by copyright


Construction site FAIL

Swiss Construction Site Fail

No heels allowed...

Schilthorn - No Heels Allowed


But hiking boots are required!

Hiking Boots Required


Either way, naked hiking is prohibited!

Naked Hiking Prohibited in Appenzell(Photograph copyright


No smoking, but skis allowed on trains!

Train Signage in Switzerland


It's verboten to saw off your tram seat!

Switzerland Tram Signage


Nobody wants to live here!

Bad Egg, Switzerland


God's parking lot?

God's Parking Lot in Berguen - Copyright by PhilipFr(Photograph copyright PhilipFr/Flickr)


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