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This Swiss Coffee Brand Uses Ads that “Turn you On”

Black&Blaze Coffee Ads

The Black&Blaze Coffee Roasting Company was founded by a Zürich based photographer with a passion: Claude Stahel. His shootings take place all over the world, so Stahel has tasted just about any coffee brew out there - from good to nasty.

Think airports, hotels and conference rooms for the brews that motivated Stahel to finally experiment with his own roasts. His micro roastery is located in the town of Ebmatingen at the edge of Zürich, and he considers the project to be part of the "Third Coffee Generation Wave".

How to get your hands on a batch: Black&Blaze is a new Swiss coffee brand which exclusively produces small batches of up to 20 kg. The Premium Blend is made of 100 percent Arabica beans and can be tasted by anyone: Just stop by the Black&Blaze roastery Mondays or Tuesdays and Stahel will pour you a cup!


Black&Blaze Advertising Campaign

To create awareness for the Black&Blaze brand, Stahel hired Zürich ad agency Inhalt&Form. Specialized in retail advertising, the creatives managed to boil down the message to the core: Black&Blaze coffee roast will "turn you on" and "take you to the max".

The agency designed typical coffee cups filled with the Black&Blaze blend, then cleverly positioned them in order to convey the message.

Here are the posters they came up with:

Black&Blaze Coffee Ads

Black&Blaze Coffee Ads

Black&Blaze Coffee Ads

Black&Blaze Coffee Ads

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