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13 clichés about Switzerland (and proof that they’re true)

Synonymous with banks, cheese, chocolate, mountains and watches, Switzerland has a number of clichés associated with it. The thing about clichés is that there is usually some truth to them...

Here are 13 photographs of when clichés about Switzerland were caught red-handed:

Swiss chocolate. In any decent supermarket, there is an aisle reserved for Swiss chocolate - from milk to dark, and from budget to artisanal!

The Swiss and their cheese. It's a love affair and they even dedicated a "fondue" stamp to it!

Swiss cows. The Swiss adore their bovine companions to the point that they decorate them with expensive bells.

The Swiss flag. Is there anything more cliché than the Swiss flag hanging from the stern of a boat?

Switzerland is Winter Wonderland. A train ride through snow-covered Switzerland can be this beautiful!

Something about direct democracy in Switzerland.

The Swiss are wealthy. The "quick" withdrawal at this ATM in Basel is set to 850 francs. So, there's that!

Swiss banks. The proof that all Swiss are bankers is in this Monopoly board game on display at toy store. It's the "Banking" edition!


The Swiss are pragmatic. This civic hall offers marriage services and mushroom identification services in the very same building.

The Swiss are orderly. This construction site in Switzerland screams "Safety first!"

The Swiss are clean. This public restroom inside a train station looks rather like a high-end spa...

The Swiss are timely. And it's not because of the cuckoo clocks, either! Their train station clocks are synchronized nationwide, so there's no excuse to be late.

And finally, there's Roger Federer. They say the man is the ultimate cliché about Switzerland: successful and wealthy yet down to earth. I can't deny it: Federer is the nicest celeb I have ever met...

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Dimitri Burkhard

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Dimitri Burkhard

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