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David’s Table is a Zürich gourmet experience close to nature

Restaurant Opera Zurich

Rightfully so, Zürich has been named a top gourmet destination by CNN Travel.

One of our favorite discoveries is located right behind the opera house. The aptly named Restaurant Opera with its 15 Gault Millau points is a gem of an eatery thanks to its talented chef and collegial staff. The philosophy of Chef David Krüger is to use forgotten parts of vegetables, ancient herbs, roots and meat from local producers. Together with his kitchen staff, Krüger collects the ingredients for his meals in central Switzerland's forests, meadows, mountains and lakes.

Krüger's creations are fragile works of art featuring many tastes and flavors from our grand-parents' generation. Or in the words of Chef David Krüger: "Our woods and fields produce many delicious tastes: ancient herbs and genuine products, which I receive directly from the producer or that I gather by myself."

David's Table is your chance to meet the chef

The launch event of the chef's seasonal menu is called David's Table. This special night takes place every few months and is a unique chance to meet the chef up close and personal. For instance during the apéro, Chef Krüger hosted a short workshop about the herbs and plants we would be eating. And sometimes, the chef will even invite some of the producers, such as a local honey producer.

David's Table - Restaurant Opera Zurich

Once launched, the "Inspiration Menu" will remain available for the rest of the season, although the chef will not always be present to explain everything in minute detail. After toasting with a glass of rosé champagne, the only choice we have to make is to decide among three, four, five or six courses. We do not want to go overboard so we stick to four courses, but we each order something different.

Here is a look at the current Inspiration Menu by David Krüger:


A nest of quail made of spring herbs, wild cherries and crumbles made of acorn flour:

David's Table - Restaurant Opera Zurich

A soup of swamp cress with Muotathal goat on a smoked cracker:

David's Table - Restaurant Opera Zurich

A fine glass of Petite Arvine, Rèze and Humagne Blanc by Olivier Pittet of Fully:

Restaurant Opera Zurich - David Krüger

A noble cut and shoulder of mountain beef with onion and garlic, a gratin of roots and roasted leek:

Use your imagination or experience this dish on your own...

Crepes of einkorn wheat filled with Tannenkäse (cheese brushed with pine bark), elder and walnuts:

David's Table - Restaurant Opera Zurich

And for dessert, a white chocolate Swiss mountain the chef has designed using a 3D printer:

David's Table - Restaurant Opera Zurich

Mamiko has summed up the new inspiration menu as follows: "It feels like eating the essence of nature!"

Restaurant Opera Zurich

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