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Sagra della Castagna Chestnut Festival

Oct 8, 2023 @ 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM

The 2023 Sagra della Castagna is a traditional celebration of the chestnut. As the trees adorning the Muggio Valley blush with the hues of fall in mid-October, this chestnut festival will bring locals and tourists together.

Each year, the Sagra della Castagna rotates to a different commune of the valley. This year, the baton passes to Bruzella, population 180.

Ticino Chestnut
Copyright Ticino Turismo/ Steinegger

What is the Sagra della Castagna?

The festival is an open invitation to indulge in the culinary and, more importantly, the cultural spectrum of the chestnut. Everyone gathers to enjoy a variety of chestnut-based dishes, such as roasted chestnuts, chestnut flour-based pastries, and other delicious treats. There are traditional music and dance performances.

When you hear the chestnuts crackle in the open fire, consider that this day is more than a festival about a humble nut. One of the most significant aspects of the valley's identity is its deep connection to the chestnut tree.

Our verdict: This fall, Ticino Chestnut Brown will be painted all over the canvas of Switzerland's South. The Sagra della Castagna in Bruzella is an ideal celebration to immerse yourself in the local culture. We truly can't wait to attend the traditional chestnut festival and learn about the Muggio Valley's affection for its cherished nut...

Bruzella, TI 6837 Switzerland

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