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Discover the 5 Autumn Colors of Ticino

During autumn in Ticino, the chestnut forests, lakes, and rivers transform into a vibrant tapestry of colors.

The days may be shorter, but we love visiting Ticino in the fall because the sun is still strong. It’s not that Ticino didn’t have enough to offer already. After last year’s success, Ticino has further developed the Colors of Ticino concept. In close collaboration with the renowned Pantone Color Institute, the region has added some beautiful new hues to the palette of regional colors.

By embracing the colors as a central theme for your Ticino getaway, you can make a trip to the South that much more enriching. Visit iconic sites, take a bicycle tour, explore the hiking trails, and participate in local festivals.

So, are you ready to chase the latest colors of Ticino with us? Let us share some tips for each new color and showcase fun experiences.

Here are the 2023 autumn colors of Ticino:

Mogno Marble White

Church of San Giovanni Battista by Mario Botta

Mogno Marble White is a serene and durable hue that represents the Maggia Valley. In a very remote part, there is an architectural power spot we recommend visiting at least once: the Church of San Giovanni Battista in Mogno.

Ticino architect Mario Botta rebuilt the church after an avalanche had destroyed the original building. For this bold and audacious structure, Botta specifically chose marble from the nearby quarry in Peccia. While simply being practical, this local flavor also allows the church to maintain a strong bond with the Maggia Valley.

We were lucky to be the only visitors inside this timeless architectural gem for a good half hour. And we felt a lot of peace and tranquility amid these cool and muted shades of white.

Church of San Giovanni Battista by Mario Botta

Valle di Blenio Sunrise Yellow

The "Valle di Blenio Sunrise Yellow" is a vibrant and cheerful color representing hope and optimism. This friendly shade of yellow can be seen every morning in the Ticino sky, signaling the start of another beautiful day.

To experience the Valle di Blenio Sunrise Yellow, consider taking a 26-kilometer bicycle tour from Olivone to Biasca. This route will lead you through the region's various historical and cultural treasures, including an old chocolate factory, the historical ruins of Castello di Curterio, the Terme di Acquarossa, and the town of Dongio, with its caves and vineyards.

Along the way, you can admire the Casa dei Pagani, ancient defensive structures located in the rocky outcrops of the Blenio Valley, while hopefully witnessing the vibrant sunrise yellow sky.

Gandria Olive Green

The "Gandria Olive Green" is a graceful, fertile, and healthy color that brings us back to the Lugano Region. This shade reminds us of the early stages of olive fruit ripening and takes us straight to Gandria, a charming village nestled amidst richly laden olive trees on the shores of Lake Lugano.

To fetch a glimpse of Gandria Olive Green, we recommend exploring the aptly named Olive Grove Trail between Lugano and Gandria. The Sentiero dell'Olivo is a scenic lakeside path featuring information panels on farming practices, the history of the area, and insights into the region's geological formations.

It paints a rich tapestry of culture, history, and olive trees' vital role in shaping the area. Once you reach Gandria, grab a bite to eat at one of the small restaurants. We love this hillside town for its small alleyways and picturesque stairs.

Autumn Colors of Ticino - Gandria Olive Green
Copyright Davide Adamoli/Lugano Region

Ticino Chestnut Brown

It wouldn't be autumn in Ticino without chestnuts. Any of you who have followed us over the years know we are nuts about chestnuts. Can you imagine our joy when we learned about the new "Ticino Chestnut Brown" color? This typical brown shade, with a hint of a red undertone, is a reminder of the rich heritage of the fruit in Ticino.

To experience the Ticino Chestnut Brown, it's a good idea to stroll through the chestnut forests. Bring a bag to gather the spiky fruits. With enough skill and dedication, you can transform the marrone into fragrant roasted chestnuts, delicious vermicelli, fine flour, crispy flakes, or even an aromatic beer. The chestnut has become a staple in Ticino's culinary scene, with various dishes and products showcasing its versatility and rich flavor.

To celebrate the valuable fruits of its chestnut forests, towns all over Ticino host chestnut festivals. We are attending the Sagra della Castagna in the Muggio Valley, which takes place on October 8 in the commune of Bruzella. This is just one of the many Castagnatas celebrated throughout Ticino, and it is a must-visit for chestnut enthusiasts.

Gole della Breggia Rosé Gold

The final addition to the new autumn colors is "Gole della Breggia Rosé Gold." This subtle hue is inspired by the 200 million years of geological history in the Breggia River, which flows through the Muggio Valley. In the GeoPark of Morbio Inferiore, the river's limestone layers shimmer with a mesmerizing rosé gold tone, contrasting beautifully with the clear water.

Highlights of Mendrisiotto - Parco Gole della Breggia (Copyright Jacques Perler)
Copyright Jacques Perler

To experience the Gole della Breggia Rosé Gold, hike the Cement Trail at the former Saceba cement factory. This path showcases rock-to-cement transformation, highlighting the agricultural and industrial aspects that have shaped the region for nearly half a century. It's striking how the people in this valley have transitioned from a farming society to an industrial one.

As you can tell, we're all smitten with the new autumn colors of Ticino! We hope you will be, too, when you visit this fall. Participate in the drawing for free stays in Ticino.

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