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This is what the future of Swiss train travel looks like

New SBB Train FV-Dosto(Photograph courtesy Ladina Wunderli)

I clearly remember the day in May 1990 when the first ever double deck train was launched in Switzerland. Seemingly the entire town gathered by the train station to inspect this marvel of technology - and people of all ages wanted to ride the new train on the upper deck.

Some 28 years later, entire towns are no longer standing in line to hop on the latest train composition. But in my opinion, they should. Because the latest model being released onto Swiss rails by SBB is an eye catcher.

New SBB Train FV-Dosto(Photograph courtesy Ladina Wunderli)

For now, the FV-Dosto trains run between Bern and Zürich as well as Zürich and Chur.

While SBB has ordered some 62 new train compositions of "FV-Dosto", for now only six compositions will be launched. Until the regular schedule change in December 2018, the Swiss train company wants to test the new trains and improve on any shortcomings. As of December, the remaining compositions will be released.

New SBB Train FV-Dosto(Photograph courtesy Ladina Wunderli)

But what's so cool about the FV-Dosto, you ask?

For one, Bombardier has put all the latest technologies into the FV-Dosto. Some of us frequent travelers have asked for faster internet speeds on intercity trains. Well, our demand has been heard and the FV-Dosto promises optimized phone connection and 4G speeds. Each compartment now features power outlets - a luxury that used to be reserved for first class wagons.

Also, the FV-Dosto has an immense capacity: At its full length, it will measure 400 meters and can seat 1300 passengers. That's a quarter mile in length, providing 10 percent more seats than SBB can offer today. Or in other words: Less standing in the aisles during rush hour!

Both in between seats and by the doors, there will be plenty of storage room for luggage, strollers and bicycles:

New SBB Train FV-Dosto(Photograph courtesy Ladina Wunderli)

In each coach, large flat screen monitors will be visible from each seat, providing up to date information:

New SBB Train FV-Dosto(Photograph copyright SBB CFF FFS)

With so many novelties to be excited about, one thing has not changed for me in all those years: I still love sitting in the upper deck! From there, the views of Switzerland's landscape are simply magnificent.

So, are you just as excited to fetch a ride on the new FV-Dosto train?

New SBB Train FV-Dosto(Photograph copyright SBB CFF FFS)

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