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Get your Color on at Essential Hair in Zürich!

Essential Hair ZürichThese days, we are moving well into autumn. And like with all transitions, we feel a little foggy as we shift with the changes and what lies ahead.

If you are anything like me, I resist wearing the depressingly safe and boring blacks, browns and grays that begin to dominate the streets at this time of year. We are part of nature, and just as the landscape explodes into vibrant yellows, reds and oranges, we too can benefit from feeling vibrant and rich through the colors we wear!

I am a simple creature when it comes to personal style and beauty routines. However, that does not mean that I do not like to have a bit of sparkle. I use natural and organic products as much as possible, and sometimes I have to search high and low to find what I am looking for.

Hair Cellophane Treatments are so 2013!

This is often the case when it comes to hair. My hair is naturally curly with brown and red tones. I do not always color my hair, but this year, the short summer has left me yearning for some sparkle and shine for my depressed locks.

Essential Hair ZürichMy hair stylist of choice is located in a historic part of Zürich along the Limmat river. On my recent visit to Essential Hair, I had a chat with my hairdresser Daniela. My wish was for a healthy hair color alternative - free of salon nasties like ammonia and peroxide.

Her answer was Sebastian cellophanes. I remember cellophanes from the 80's when my friend Vicky walked into class one day with amazing scarlet red hair, transforming her from an average 16 year old to a cool, quasi-mod chick.

I wanted that.

After talking with Daniela, I learned that Sebastian cellophanes are a protein-enriched, semi-permanent tone (not a dye) that adds dimension, fullness and shine to the hair. Now I really wanted that! We went with a warm reddish tone that my dearly departed, auburn-haired grandmother would have approved of.

Space Age Technology

The application was easy and free of odors. After washing my hair, Daniela applied the pudding like cellophane tint and left me with a cup of tea and amaroni under a space-age heating device. The heat activates the tint and allows the protein to penetrate the hair.

And to my delight, the device broke into an orchestra of music when my 20 minutes were up!

Essential Hair ZürichThe result was darker than what I expected, but just as Daniela explained, it would lighten with washing. Over the past two weeks, it has become a lovely tone that has brought with it many compliments. This gloss and color is expected to last for six weeks, although with repeated application it will stay longer.

My Hair Treatment of Choice

Essential Hair ZürichCellophanes are great for health conscious people with any hair type, but particularly those with dry, curly, dull hair and those with sensitive scalps who react to normal hair color.

Even if you do not wish to color your hair but like the idea of shine and depth for your natural color, there is a clear cellophane application just for this.

I was surprised to find my treatment quite well priced for Swiss standards, with applications costing between CHF 50 - 80. My longer-than-shoulder-length hair turned out to be CHF 65.

More Information

- Essential Hair Website
- How to get there

Danielle Parla

Danielle is a Basel based yoga teacher and published author. She is passionate about sharing ways to wellness through yoga, lifestyle writing, wellness coaching, and Reiki healing.

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