Newly Swissed Online Magazine – From a Swiss Basement to International Music Stages

It all started in 2004, when two brothers-in-law decided to gain some e-commerce experience selling Swiss products around the world.

To promote their new website, Andreas Doering and Willy Fantin printed T-shirts in the family basement with a logo inspired by Japanese mangas.

The handmade pieces encountered such a big success that they quickly replaced all other products on the website and soon became what it is today: A successful fashion start-up with tops, sweaters, dresses and a vast collection of hats as well as accessories for men and women.

Although calling upon a very traditional Swiss icon, the brand has put its own spin on the romantic story of the little girl in the mountains. Their Heidi has evolved with Swiss society. She is now in her 30’s, urban and open to the world, though still conscious about the environment and true to her roots.

This approach is perfectly embodied in the current collection with hipster pieces inspired by Swiss nature and wildlife. - Swiss Fashion Collection

Brand Ambassador Bastian Baker

Ever since the guerilla marketing of the early days, has kept a soft spot for co-branding. A personal friendship, for example, opened the way to a partnership with the Swiss music icon Bastian Baker.

The artist now wears the label in his everyday life but also on various music stages around the world, thus creating an incredible awareness for the brand. - Swiss Fashion Ambassador Bastian Baker

A Futuristic Concept Store

Another example of the partnership philosophy is the futuristic concept store which opened one year ago in Neuchâtel, the home town of

Nested in the former fire station of the city, it was born out of a collaboration with Samsung and the prestigious architect Zaha Hadid.

At the center, an interactive terminal provides information, order possibilities and fun applications like a photo booth. But the evolutive space also hosts concerts, workshops and a monthly pop-up store to offer a unique and complete experience to the visitors. - Swiss Fashion Flagship Store

Ten years after its launch, the label has become a true success story in a damaged European textile industry. With 95 pecent of the clothes made in Portugal and hats made in Switzerland and Italy, the brand shows that local production can be more than wishful thinking.

With its incredible flagship store and partnerships with big names, now seems ready to take over the fashion world by storm. And that’s exactly what we wish for this highly likeable Swiss brand!

(Photo credits: Adrian Bretscher/Hangar Ent. Group;


Aurélie is a writer and a photographer who fell in love with Zürich after setting her first foot out of the train from Paris in 2000.

She likes to meet people and share her adventures with a pen (well, keyboard...) or through the lens of her camera.

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