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What is the Highest Mountain Entirely in Switzerland?

Key Takeaways

Dufourspitze, at 4634 meters, is the tallest mountain situated entirely within Switzerland's borders.

As part of the Monte Rosa massif, Dufourspitze contributes to the massif's dominance in the Pennine Alps, overshadowing nearby peaks.

Dufourspitze is the highest mountain in Switzerland that sits solely within the country's geographical confines.

No doubt, the Monte Rosa massif dominates the Pennine Alps. Given this mountain range's sheer size and prominence, the Monte Rosa obliterates nearby peaks.

Imagine standing at the bottom of the Monte Rosa. You would see an extremely tall yet wide snow-capped mountain. And your neck would hurt from quite literally staring into the sky!

Located two-thirds in Switzerland, including the tallest section, the Monte Rosa mountain range also straddles neighboring Italy.

The highest peak of the massif is called Dufourspitze. It sits just 160 meters from the Italian border and is 4634 meters above sea level.

To put this number into perspective, Dufourspitze clocks in just a tad below the Andes of South America. It is the highest peak in Switzerland. Despite its altitude, Dufourspitze is just 50 kilometers from Switzerland’s lowest point at 195 meters above the sea.

In 1855, Charles Hudson led an expedition that successfully summited the mountain, featuring team members John Birbeck, Edward JW Stephenson, and brothers Johannes and James G Smyth. Mattäus Zumtaugwald and Ulrich Lauener guided the path.

During that era, Dufourspitze was still called Gornerhorn. It was only renamed in 1863 in honor of Guillaume-Henri Dufour, a notable Swiss General and cartographer. What a fitting tribute to Switzerland's highest mountain!

The allure of the Monte Rosa mountain range

I have earlier mentioned the concept of prominence. For those not familiar with it, prominence is an indication of a mountain’s topographical dominance when compared to other peaks nearby.

While Mount Everest obliterates all others with the world’s highest prominence of 8848.86, the Matterhorn, itself an iconic peak, has a prominence of 1031. Regarding the Alps, Monte Rosa has the highest prominence compared to other summits: 2165.

In other words, Monte Rosa, with its ten peaks above 4000 meters of altitude, is a very iconic part of the Swiss Alps. And the grandeur of Dufourspitze remains unrivaled in Swiss territory. 

No wonder the region attracts tourists from nearby countries just as much as overseas travelers. Wouldn’t you want to visit someday?

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Summer activities in the Monte Rosa region

Monte Rosa, or Mont Blanc in French, is home to the renowned Tour de Monte Rosa. This challenging trek across the Pennine Alps covers a distance of approximately 170 kilometers and is considered one of the most demanding treks in the region.

While hiking and trail running, mountaineers wanting to push their boundaries can see stunning glaciers, snow-capped peaks, dramatic mountain passes, and authentic villages.

Hiking in Courmayeur with views of Monte Rosa

For climbers, Monte Rosa presents a challenging and rewarding opportunity. Starting from the relatively low-altitude Monte Rosa hut, alpinists often use the mountain as a training ground for more difficult peaks.

But getting to the Monte Rosa hut in the first place is a challenge as you have to traverse the dynamic Gorner Glacier. Given the long ascent from bottom to top, the Monte Rosa route takes considerable time.

Hikers and nature lovers are captivated by the many trails and stunning alpine landscapes in the Monte Rosa region. I can tell you, we were when we visited the Italian side a few years ago.

The area offers various hiking routes with unique characteristics and varying difficulty levels. Some popular long-distance hiking routes include:

  • The Via Alpina is a network of five long-distance trails traversing the entire Alpine region. Covering 883 kilometers, the Blue Trail begins along the Swiss-Italian border. It descends from the southern base of the Monte Rosa Massif into the Aosta Valley, then continues through the Gran Paradiso National Park and the Piedmont. The Via Alpina isn't meant to be tackled in one go; it's a lifelong goal for exploring the richness of the Alps.
  • Sentiero Italia is considered the longest long-distance trail in the world. It’s ideal to explore the diverse landscapes and rich culture of Italy. This trail spans over 6057 kilometers, but you can do it in smaller stretches.
  • Spaghettirunde is a classic high-altitude tour for those wanting a challenge. It takes hikers on a 58.4-kilometer journey through the Monte Rosa Massif, where they can conquer numerous 4000-meter peaks.

Winter activities in the Monte Rosa region

During winter, the region transforms into a paradise for everyday athletes like us. Mont Blanc offers skiing and snowboarding fun for all skill levels, thanks to various slopes, from bunny hills to black pistes.

The ski resorts are Les Houches, Le Brévent, La Flégère, Les Grands-Montets, and Le Balme. Skiers favor the first two, and I personally like Les Houches for the Monte Rosa views.

La Flégère and Les Grands-Montets are considered top-notch for snowboarders. For instance, La Flégère has wide-open slopes and natural halfpipes.

Monte Rosa Region Ski Piste Map
Monte Rosa Region Ski Piste Map

FAQs about mountains in Switzerland

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