Swiss Stuntman Sets 7 World Records in 8 Days

Bragging rights are a sweet thing if you have them, but they sure come at a high prize for some - no pun intended! Freddy Nock is a Swiss stuntman who braced himself to set no less than seven world records in seven days!

He ended up achieving his goal in 8 days, but that is not the point here.

The point is that this brave individual has risked his life for the sake of a higher cause. It was Nock's aim to raise money for a UNESCO education fund by going beyond what anyone else has ever done.

Freddy Nock - Zugspitze

That is in terms of height above ground and distance traveled. On a tightrope. Completely unsecured. All the while entertaining people like you and me.

Check out Nock's breathtaking journey, which started on August 20 and took him to some of the Alps' highest peaks in Germany, Austria and Switzerland!

Freddy Nock - Zugspitze

Cable length: 995 m/3264 ft
Cable width: 50 mm/2 in
Max. Angle: 57% (!)

Record: Longest and highest wire walk above sea level without a balancing pole

Freddy Nock - Feuerkogelbahn

Cable length: 2717 m/8914 ft
Cable width: 50 mm/2 in
Max. Angle: 52.5%
Time: 200 min

Record: Longest ever wire walk with a constant incline

Freddy Nock - Diavolezzabahn

Cable length: 3574 m/11726 ft
Cable width: 60 mm/2.3 in
Max. Angle: 53% (!)
Time: 140 min

Record: Longest and highest altitude uphill wire walk

Freddy Nock - Diavolezzabahn

Freddy Nock - Corvatsch

Cable length: 1672 m/5486 ft
Cable width: 56 mm/2.2 in
Max. Angle: 57%
Time: 108 min

Records: Longest and highest altitude downhill wire walk (Nock even showed off by walking the last 80 m backwards!)

These Swiss world records come with bragging rights

Day 5: Longest wire cycling at highest wire above ground (Postponed to Sept 1)

Freddy Nock - Jungfraujoch

Cable length: 50 m/164 ft walked

Record: Highest altitude wire walk at 3454 m/11332 ft above sea - forward and backward!

Nock - Lake Thun

Cable length: 2 km/1.2 mi walked
Cable width: 20 mm/0.8 in (!)
Time: 100 min

Record: Longest ever wire walk above water (Bonus: No security whatsoever!)

(via The Telegraph, Pictures copyright AP/Keystone/Freddy Nock)

What do you think Freddy Nock should attempt next?

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