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Here’s a scenic hike in Braunwald during summer 🥾

During the heat of summer, we frequently escape to the blooming Braunwald. It is one of the closest destinations with an alpine feeling.

Braunwald is a quaint village located in the canton of Glarus. One thing that makes this place unique is that it is entirely car-free. Those arriving by car will need to park their vehicle at the funicular station and make a transfer. (Address for your GPS: Stachelbergstrasse 2, 8783 Linthal)

In just seven minutes, the Braunwald funicular will take you from Linthal (654 meters above sea level) to Braunwald (1256 meters above sea level). It departs twice an hour at xx.25 and xx.55. You may want to purchase a combo ticket taking you to Gumen, as this is where your hike will begin.

Instructions for an alpine hike in Braunwald during summer

Keep in mind the start of the summer season, which is usually mid to late June. Once you have reached the village of Braunwald, look for the sign post pointing you to the Gumenbahn.

This cable car is rather special in that for every gondola, there is a sideways facing chair lift. The idea behind is ingenious: sitting sideways allows you to see the panoramic view while going up.

Once you have reached Gumen, your hike is set to begin. (We love Restaurant Gumen for its typical Swiss vibes and have even dedicated a post to it.) However, we recommend you embark on your hike and keep the reward for later. Look for the sign to Ortstockhaus (and finally to Brächalp Oberstafel). A breathtaking nature trail will lead you there.

The idyllic Bergeten lake, situated in the heart of the plant protection area, is accessible from there.

You will proceed on a narrow but well-maintained trail past alpenroses, Turk’s cap lilies, and other mountain lily species to the “Tüüfels Chilchli” (Devil’s Little Church), a stone structure that rises above the trail.

The route then proceeds to Rietstöckli, which is located between Braunwald and Urnerboden at the foot of the Ortstock. You will have sweeping views over almost the entire valley from here.

Hiking in Braunwald during Summer

The final stretch to Rietalp will lead you down a zigzag trail. We recommend rewarding yourself at Restaurant Nussbüel, a cozy mountain inn. The remaining path back to Braunwald’s funicular station is wide and flat, so you can rest assured that all the hard work has been done for the day.

Snapshot of this scenic hike in Braunwald

Hiking duration5 hrs hiking time: Gumen (1901 m a.s.l.)
⇒ Ortstockhaus ⇒ Bräch-Oberstafel
⇒ Bergetensee ⇒ Rietstöckli
⇒ Ober Friteren ⇒ Nussbüel
⇒ Braunwald (1256 m m a.s.l.)
Length and direction15 km loop trail
Elevation gain493 meters ascent, 1142 meters descent
Skill levelModerate hiking skills required to negotiate the alpine trail.
WarningsConsult this website to view and trail closures or warnings.

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