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Khurum Khan took his drone to Switzerland, and here’s the result

Khurum Khan - Switzerland 2017

When I first encountered Khurum Khan's photographs from Switzerland, I knew there was something special about the man who pressed that shutter.

It turns out that Khurum Khan is based in London, but he uses every opportunity to travel to Switzerland. On his latest trip, he visited Interlaken and the Lauterbrunnen Valley. Since I follow Khan on Instagram, this trip did not go unnoticed and I decided to contact this award winning filmmaker and photographer.

Khurum Khan - Switzerland 2017

Why are you so passionate about the Alpine region?

Khurum Khan: It comes down to my filmmaking background. I have always been a visual filmmaker, which slowly led me into photography last year. I am always on the lookout to capture something incredible, to get lost in the wilderness.

This allows me to capture images that have a story to tell, which is important to me. Living in London, you are constantly on the clock and everything is fast moving. So when I first saw the Alps I was overwhelmed, it felt surreal and time slowed down. The beauty of the Alpine region, the peace and quiet, provoke a sense of discovery and inspire me to create.

How come Switzerland?

From a young age, I watched a lot of Bollywood movies. Whenever they wanted to show something beautiful, they would cut into a song and dance scene somewhere in Switzerland. So this was my first ever experience of seeing Switzerland and its small towns surrounded by snow mountains.

Growing into filmmaking, I always aimed at capturing cinematic images. I was always on the lookout for something beautiful. On my quest, I explored many countries - except for Switzerland. My first visit to Switzerland was in March 2017, and this was an experience I will never forget. Always chasing beauty with my camera, I felt like being in a dream world when I finally saw the Matterhorn.

Khurum Khan - Switzerland 2017
Khurum Khan - Switzerland 2017

On your last trip, you visited the Bernese Alps. Why did you choose this area of Switzerland?

I planned my first visit to Switzerland with my friend Mina who has been a great companion and inspiration. I simply did not know what to expect. First, we explored the town of Zermatt and got to see breathtaking views.

As a filmmaker/photographer, I am always on the search for my next adventure. So I did more research on Switzerland and stumbled upon Interlaken, Harder Kulm and the Lauterbrunnen Valley. I was amazed that so many beautiful places were so close to each other. The landscapes and natural beauty drew me to this place.

Khurum Khan - Switzerland 2017

And what is it like to shoot with a drone in the Swiss Alps?

It is incredible. The feeling is amazing to capture an aerial perspective of the landscapes. It is not the easiest flying a drone when the weather is bad! Because the high winds you can encounter can make it difficult to capture smooth shots for video.

Khurum Khan - Switzerland 2017

Switzerland is truly a magical country to explore. Flying my drone opens up a whole new adventure for me.

If you liked what you saw, please follow Khurum Khan on Instagram.

Khurum Khan - Switzerland 2017

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