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McDonald’s Claim to Swissness

McDonalds Zurich - Swiss Potato Fries

I am not one to frequent McDonald's often, but I was disappointed to have recently missed "Swiss Week"...

The three specialty sandwiches were made to appeal to Switzerland's three main languages and cultures, namely the French speaking "Romandie", Italian speaking "Ticino" and finally the Swiss German speaking part including Bern (the capital). Despite having grown up in the part where we speak Schweizerdeutsch, they all look yummy to me!

Swiss Week Items

McBärn at McDonalds SwissWeeks

Made of Emmentaler cheese, hashbrown patty and bacon on a regular bun.

McRomandie at McDonalds SwissWeeks

Made of beef, tomatoes, lettuce, “deluxe sauce” and gruyere cheese on a Paillasse bun.

McTicino at McDonalds SwissWeeks

Made of tomato, mozzarella and basil on a Ticino sweet bread bun.

McDonalds SwissWeeks - McRoesti


McDonald's The Prime

McDonalds Zurich - The Prime

This premium burger was especially devised by a René Schnudel, a popular TV kitchen chef. The Prime is supposed to have a typical burger character, which we would hope given the hefty price tag of CHF 10.90...


Guerilla Pedestrian Crossing by McDonald's in Zürich

McDonalds - Zurich Street Crossing

Here is a guerilla campaign run by McDonald's during ZüriFäscht 2010. It is quite controversial, in my opinion, as the colorful graphic could easily distract motorists and pedestrians...

McDonalds - Zurich Street Crossing

Do you think the Swiss McDonalds meals would be popular in your neck of the woods? Or do you think they are too specific to Switzerland to be successful elsewhere? I'm all ears about your opinion...

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