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McDonald’s Switzerland Menu (PICTURES)

Fast food classics like burgers and fries come to mind whenever I walk past a McDonald's in Switzerland. I recently discovered that the fast food giant has tailored its offering even for my increasingly plant-based diet. As a result, the McDonald's Switzerland menu fits the taste buds and cultural norms of the land of cheese and chocolate quite well.

McDonalds in Switzerland
McDonalds in Switzerland

The Standard McDonald's Switzerland Menu

While you can still find the most familiar items on the Swiss McDonald's menu, unique offerings also cater specifically to local tastes.

As I'm sure you know by now, Switzerland is a very pricey destination. The last time I checked, a burger, fries, and a soda typically cost around 15 Swiss francs. Given Switzerland's persistent pole position on the Big Mac Index, I wondered: What McDonald's Switzerland's prices are like today?

How much do their standard Big Mac, McFlurry, and Chicken McNuggets menus cost? I recently visited a McDonald's in Zurich to photograph their touch-screen menu. I am also linking to the official McDonald's website below, where you will find the most up-to-date menu prices.

Unique Offerings on the McDonald's Switzerland Menu

McDonald's Switzerland offers a range of unique and exciting offerings that stand out from other McDonald's menus worldwide. For instance, they frequently serve regional specialties worth trying, such as Raclette or Emmental cheese, on their burgers. Let's explore some of these exclusive dishes in Switzerland:

McRaclette Burger

The "McRaclette" burger is a standout item, which features traditional Swiss raclette cheese melted over a beef patty. There are two beef patties, bacon, onions, lettuce, and a lot of melted Grana Padano and Raclette cheese on the burger. This combination of classic American fast food with a distinctly Swiss twist has been well-received by locals and tourists.

McDonalds Switzerland McRaclette Burger
McRaclette Burger

Swiss Rösti Burger

The Rösti burger is a seasonal dish you won't find on any other McDonald's menu. Rösti is a traditional Swiss dish made from grated potatoes and cooked until crisp. Hence, the burger features a beef patty topped with crispy Swiss hash browns, bacon, and Emmental cheese, all packed between two sesame buns. Adding Rösti to the burger perfectly combines the traditional and the modern - a truly Swiss experience.

McFlurry Ovomaltine and McFlurry Toblerone

No meal is complete without a dessert, and McDonald's Switzerland offers two special ones. The McFlurry Ovomaltine could not be any more Swiss: it combines vanilla ice cream and Ovomaltine, a Swiss national beverage. The malt drink actually goes really well with vanilla, so give it a shot someday and let us know what you think!

The "McFlurry Toblerone" combines soft serve ice cream with chunks of honey-and-almond nougat pieces from the famous Swiss chocolate bar. The contrast of the smooth ice cream and the slightly harder Toblerone pieces creates a harmonious blend of textures in every spoonful.

McDonald's Switzerland Happy Meal Menu

If you visit McDonald's Switzerland with your little ones, you'll be pleased to know they have a dedicated Happy Meal menu. You can find the perfect Happy Meal here, from kids' meals to healthy alternatives. McDonald's Switzerland also has healthy options for kids to enjoy a well-balanced meal.

McDonald's Vegan and Vegetarian Menu Items

In addition to the carnivore menu, McDonald's Switzerland offers a range of vegan and vegetarian options for those following a plant-based diet.

One of the highlights is the Veggie Burger, which features a golden and crispy Valess Veggie Patty. They make the patty from high-quality breaded carrots and fry it to perfection in Swiss rapeseed oil.

During my recent visit, I purchased this particular burger, which was incredibly delicious. Choosing a vegetarian alternative felt rewarding, too. The Veggie Burger seems a good choice for those looking for a meat-free alternative that doesn't compromise flavor.

The new vegetarian McPlant is a delicious mix of plant-based and traditional ingredients. It features a Beyond Meat patty from pea protein, fresh tomatoes, and cucumbers. It’s made for flexitarians who don’t mind the melted cheese but like the plant-based twist.

McDonald's Switzerland has quite a few vegan and vegetarian menu options:

  • McVeggie (CHF 6.50)
  • Spicy McVeggie (CHF 6.50)
  • Homestyle Honey Mustard Veggie (CHF 9.10)
  • Homestyle Chargrill Veggie (CHF 9.10)
  • Veggie Paprika (CHF 5.90)
  • Caesar Salad Veggie

Latest McDonald's Switzerland Menu Prices

It is best to visit the official McDonald's Switzerland website to view the latest menu and prices. You will find the most comprehensive list of various McDonald's items. And when you pretend to order a delivery, you will see the Swiss McDonald's prices.

Some examples: The Homestyle Crispy Chicken Honey Mustard costs CHF 9.10. The McChicken and McVeggie are available at CHF 6.50 for a single item and CHF 12.30 for a meal. And you can buy a classic Hamburger for CHF 2.80.

I recently took these pictures of the burger menu at McDonald's in Zurich:

Local Swiss Ingredients

In addition to the unique McDonald's Switzerland menu offerings, the fast-food chain also takes pride in sourcing ingredients locally. Some 10’000 Swiss farmers supply the ingredients, including potatoes, lettuce, and beef.

McDonald's fully takes advantage of Switzerland's reputation for high-quality produce. When taking a bite of fast food, it feels reassuring that the ingredients did not travel far and are high-quality.

McDonald's Switzerland provides a satisfying dining experience using local flavors and ingredients and supports local farmers and producers. Tourists and local expats will surely find something familiar (or experimental) on the Swiss menu.

McDonalds Zurich - Swiss Potato Fries

Switzerland and the Big Mac Index

The Big Mac Index is a list that displays the prices of McDonald's Big Mac in different countries. The index is useful for understanding the purchasing power parity between nations. It's used to show how much different currencies can buy and how much money people can spend.

According to the Big Mac Index, Switzerland consistently ranks as one of the most expensive countries in terms of the price of a Big Mac. In the July 2023 Big Mac Index, Switzerland had the most expensive Big Macs in the world, costing CHF 6.70.

In comparison, the cost of a Big Mac in the United States was USD 5.58. The high cost of a Big Mac in Switzerland reflects the country's high cost of living. But it is also a clear sign that the Swiss franc is overvalued compared to other currencies like the US dollar.

Fun Facts about McDonald’s in Switzerland

McDonald's opened its first Swiss restaurant in Genf in 1976. The first McDonald's restaurant in the German-speaking part of Switzerland opened in Basel in 1979, but it took until 1993 for the first McDonald's in Ticino to open.

I remember during school lunches in the 1990s, we would take a 20-minute train ride just to reach the nearest McDonald’s. At the time, it was located at Stauffacher in Zürich. Today, McDonald’s operates nearly 170 restaurants in Switzerland - and counting.

En Guete! Bon appétit! Happy eating!

The McDonald's Switzerland menu offers unique and exciting offerings that stand out from other McDonald's menus worldwide. From burgers topped with raclette cheese to locally sourced apple pies, many dishes are exclusive to Switzerland and represent the country's culture and traditions.

The next time you're in Switzerland, don't hesitate to explore the McDonald's Switzerland menu. You might just discover a new favorite dish.

McDonald's Menu in Switzerland

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