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The Butcher and his Daughter Restaurant in Zürich

The Butcher and his Daughter Restaurant in Zürich

Imagine a restaurant where meat lovers, vegetarians and vegans can all share a meal. Meet Joe and Sally, the fictional brains behind The Butcher and his Daugther Restaurant in Zürich!

The moment you enter this new establishment, you feel like walking into another era. The Art Deco elements pop out first: golden room separators, turquoise wallapers, exquisite chandeliers. But wait, what's with all that pink?

At The Butcher and his Daughter in Zürich, Art Deco meets girlish pink

To understand the concept of this restaurant, have a listen to the backstory. Daniel Wiesner, the creative mind who has brought this new restaurant concept to Zürich, explains: there used to be a (fictional) Chicago butcher running a traditional restaurant for meat lovers. At one point, Joe's daughter Sally returned from a stint abroad with all kinds of new ideas. In short: she wanted to change the world for the better.

The Butcher and his Daughter Restaurant in Zürich

The result of implementing Sally's worldly ideas into Butcher Joe's old-fashioned restaurant? It is yours to see on Badenerstrasse 97 in Zürich! As Sally has started to paint the walls in pink, the 1920's style Chicago restaurant has gone hipster. The daughter has also added a large whale mural in the seating area. And she has stuck a random assortment of items to another wall - from a dinosaur to a hair dryer!

The Butcher and his Daugther is a refreshing addition to Zürich's restaurant lineup. All the dishes sound delicious, hence Mamiko's deliberating look...

The Butcher and his Daughter Restaurant in Zürich

Drinks and mocktails

In a prominent space of the restaurant, there is a classy bar with a quirky theme: "A Little Party Never Killed Nobody". We visited during lunch hour, so the bar was naturally not very busy. But we can imagine that come dinner, this will be a rather happening place.

In the small alcoholic section of the drink menu, we spot adult beverages with appealing names such as "Flowering Meadow" or "Roof Garden" ("Like being on Cloud Number 9"). Here are the two delicious mocktails we ordered: "Love and Passion" (foreground) and "Bedside Radio".

The Butcher and his Daughter Restaurant in Zürich
The Butcher and his Daughter Restaurant in Zürich

Vegan, vegetarian and meat options

Except for "Planted Tuesday" when the entire menu is plant based, there are variations to please everyone's palates. For vegans or vegetarians, there are plant based options such as this green bowl with plant based chicken:

The Butcher and his Daughter Restaurant in Zürich

We could not have enough of the oriental fries with dots of hummus and micro plants:

The Butcher and his Daughter Restaurant in Zürich

Have we mentioned that those honey glazed (real) chicken wings have us hooked?

They are better than any chicken wings we have crunched anywhere in the world! At 25 francs per portion, this dish is worth trying and going back for. We asked one of the chefs about his secret recipe, and he would not exactly reveal it. But if we understood correctly, making the batter alone is a multi-step process...

The Butcher and his Daughter Restaurant in Zürich

Pick a naked burger or a traditional burger with bun. But that's not the only choice you have to make...

You could go with a plant based patty or a traditional meat patty. Each burger comes with a healthy portion of fries. So, as long as you are dining with your Covid-19 partner in crime, we would recommend skipping an extra order of fries. Instead, share the included portion as this will likely be enough.

The Butcher and his Daughter Restaurant in Zürich

Our verdict: Both Miss Miu and the adjacent Gypsy Rose Speakeasy Bar in Zürich are run by the same company. Like at Miss Miu, we like the philosophy behind The Butcher and his Daughter in Zürich. Portions are generous, ingredients are fresh and seasonal. And whenever possible, the restaurant sources foods locally. Despite being carnivores, our visit taught us that there are many delicious plant based alternatives to meat.

The Butcher and his Daughter
Badenerstrasse 97
8004 Zürich
Phone +41 44 525 00 85

The Butcher and his Daughter Restaurant in Zürich(Disclaimer: we've received a 200 franc voucher to try the new restaurant's menu. Our final tab was 102 francs.)

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